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they use an nba sized ball

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Q: What size of basketball does a NBA player use?
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What size ball does the WNBA use?

does the women's basketball NBA use the same size ball as men NBA

What size is a mens' 28.5 basketball?

A men's basketball, used in the nba, is a 29.5 otherwise known as size 7. (Women use size 6 which is a 28.5 basketball.)

Does the WNBA use a smaller basketball than the NBA?

Yes, the basketball that the WNBA use is slightly smaller than what the NBA uses.

What brand of basketball does the NBA use?


What is the regulation size for basketball nets?

The regulation size for basketball nets are all the same at ten feet. The regulation for high school, college, and the NBA/WNBA use nets that are ten feet high.

Do they use NBA players in olympic basketball?


Do high school and middle school use the same size basketball?

Girls Basketball always use 28.5 Boys Basketball uses 28.5 up until 7th grade. In 7th grade through NBA ball a 30.1 is used.

How high are the basketball hoops at an NBA game?

Basketball hoops that the NBA use are ten feet high; however, basketball hoops on playgrounds and other places as such are shorter. Basketball ball hoops can also be bought in adjustable sizes.

What basketball type and model does the NBA use?

it is spalding 29.5 inch official game ball . it is the official ball of the NBA,WNBA,and D - luege . college basketball teams use the Wilson NCAA .

What size basketball should a five year old boy use?

28.5 basketball If u start young you'll be a great basketball player Good luck God bless y'all

What size basketballs do pro basketball players use?

Size 7

What size basketball does an 11 year old boy use?

You would use size 6

How do you use other of teams in NBA Basketball Showdown on Cartoon Network?

by beating hornets

What size basketball do the men use in college?


How do you use underrated in a sentence?

Many good basketball players are underrated in college.One of the most underrated college players in the 2009 NBA draft was Wesley Mathews.LeBron James is not an underrated player. He is one of the best in NBA history.

What is the height of hoop of basketball court?

High school, college and the NBA, all use 10 ft high basketball hoops.

Can you use game sliders on nba 2k11 my player and if you can how do you do it?


Why does the WNBA use a smaller basketball than the NBA?

AnswerWomen's hands are smaller. and its easier to play with

What size basketball for a 7 year old boy?

you schould use size 5

What size basketball does an 11 year old girl use?


What are the similarities between WNBA and NBA?

Both use a basketball Both are professionals...

What size basketball should a 7 year old boy use?

A 7-year old boy should use the Junior International Size 5 basketball. The basketball has a circumference between 27.25 to 27.75 inches.

What type of basketball does the NBA use?

Spalding NBA Street Outdoor Basketball : About this item Performance: Durable outdoor rubber cover Superior control: Deep channel design for easy handles Official size: Size 7, 29.5โ€ Inflation: Shipped inflated and we recommend 8 PSI Compare with similar items New (3) from $14.99 spot .com

What do you use reading for to be a basketball player?

to read the defender

What is the purpose of Nike to use Lebron James in their ad?

Because he waers nike basketball trainers in the NBA