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A Golf driving range would probably be at least 300 yards long. Depending on how many bays it has it could be anything from 300-700 yards wide. You need to allow the players to hit shots to the left and to the right and vary their shots. There is no standard size, all driving ranges are different.

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Q: What size is a golf driving range?
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On average how wide should a golf driving range be?

Since a golf driving range is for practice there is no set size for a range. However, you probably want at least 100 yards (or meters) wide and much deeper than that, say 300 yards. The wider your driving range the more room on it for golfers to practice and the greater your income. In Japan, due to the cost of land, it is not uncommon to have two story driving ranges!

How do you practice by yourself on world golf tour?

By practicing on the driving range or putting green of a golf course.

Is a driving range a sport?

No, Driving range is an activity, and golf is a sport. The reason why Driving range is an activity and not a sport is because that is just a way to test your accuracy, your new clubs, and to see how your improving.

Can a 14 year old work for a golf driving range?

Yes, depending on the golf course's age requirements

How do you learn how to play golf?

There are a lot of Golf Instructors, go find one on a driving range, golf shops, internet, friends, etc.

How many golf balls are in a large bucket at the driving range?


How many golf balls in a large bucket at the driving range?


How much do golf balls cost at the driving range?

It varies depending on the golf course at Little Crow Golf Club it costs $3.75. *MMN*

How can a 12 year old get better at golf?

Practice and hit balls at the driving range.

Where is the oldest driving range on a golf course in the US?

murpheys in saratoga springs ny

What is the best golf course in St Barts?

At about eight square miles, and very hilly, the island does not have a golf course. However, there is a driving range.

How much is the cost of using a driving range?

It depends which golf clubs you go to. Some charge you hourly others a fee for a whole day. Some golf clubs don't have a fee because their membership is so expensive the cost of the driving range is included.

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