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A Basketball with a diameter of 19.5 is considered a Middle school size basketball. The size 6 women's regulation ball is between 28.5 inches.

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Q: What size is a 19.5 inch diameter basketball?
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What size wheels can put on a 195 55 r15 tire?

15 inch 6J wheels.

What were the original size tires on a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird?

If you have 15 inch wheels on a Sunbird GT the size is 195/65-15. If you have 14 inch wheels the size is 185/75-14. I hope that helps.

Can you put tires of 195 60R15 on 195 65R15?

Yes you can but you should not. If the OEM size is 195/65-15 and you want a wider tire then install 205/60-15. This will keep the overall diameter nearly the same. Installing 195/60-15 will cause the diameter to be smaller and will cause your speedometer to be off, and will effect handling, performance, and mileage adversely.

Can you substitute 185 65 r14 with 195 60 r15 tires?

No. Different diameter wheels will not accept different diameter tires. A 14 inch tire will not go on a 15 inch rim. 185 is width in mm, 65 is profile aka aspect ratio= % of width. 14 is diameter at bead and r is radial

Tire size for 2002 VW jetta?

The recommended tire size for a 2002 VW Jetta with 15 inch wheels is 195 65 R15. For 16 inch wheels, the recommended tire size is 205 55 R16.

What does p 195 65 r 15 mean on a tire?

the 195 is how many milimeters wide the tire is, the /65 stands for a percentange of the 195, so the side wall of your tire will be 65% of 195, and r/15 is a 15 inch rim size ,$ushil,india

What is the size of solar chimney in Spain?

The chimney had a height of 195 metres and a diameter of 10 metres with a collection area of 46,000 m² (about 11 acres (45,000 m2), or 244 m diameter)

What is the tire size for a 1968 dodge dart 270?

tires sizes for a dart 270 are 13 inch- standard 14 inch optioned 195-70

Will 15 inch rims and tires fit on a 1997 dodge stratus that has 14s on it with out rubbing?

If you choose a tire that will not increase the overall diameter of the tire/wheel combination you will be fine. Your Stratus came with 195/70-14 tires. If you switch to 15" wheels then install 195/65-15 tires and you will have the same overall diameter tire/wheel combination.

Can you put tires of 195 65R15 on 195 60R15?

Yes, you can but I recommend against it. If your OEM tire was 195/60-15 and you install 195/65-15 you are installing a tire with a diameter that is 3.09% larger. This will cause your speedometer to be 2 mph slow at 60 mph. You should always stay within 3% difference of the OEM size. A much better fit is a 205/55-15 which is only 1.4% smaller in diameter. But in the end you can install it if you insist.

Is a 215 70 R15 tire interchangable with a 195 65 R 15 tire?

No definitely not. Doing that will increase the diameter from 25" to 26.9". This will cause the speedometer to be way off. The closest larger tire you should go with is a 205/60-15. This size will be 24.7" in diameter which will be .3" smaller than the OEM tire which is almost identical. I am assuming you are saying that the 195/65-15 is the OEM size.

When was Mike Edwards - basketball - born?

Mike Edwards - basketball - was born in 195#.

Can 195 65 r15 tires substitute 215 65 r15 tires?

They can, they are only about an inch shorter. Actually the 195 tire will be 1.02" smaller in diameter and will make a huge difference. Your speedometer will read 62.4 at a true 60 mph. Your engine will turn 32.6 more revolutions per mile, handling will be adversely effected and braking distance will increase. This is not an advisable swap. A 195/70-15 would be a much better swap, but my advice is to stick with the OEM size.

What is the standard tire size on a 1995 ford contour?

14 inch rim diameter, then varies depending on trim line 195/65R14 for Gl 2.5L 185/70R14 for Gl 2.0L 195/65R14 for Lx 2.5L 185/70R14 for Lx 2.0L 205/60R14 for SE all for 1995 Ford Contour, the current tires should say the size on the side.

Can a tire 205x60x15 work on a car that uses 195x60x15?

Maybe, but the tire will be larger and cause incorrect speedometer and odometer readings. If the tires do still fit the car, some tire shops can recalibrate the speedometer. The size of the tires breaks down like this: P195 60R15 means a tire that is 195 mm wide, the sidewall height is 60% of the 195 (4.6 inches), and the wheel size is 15 inches. The diameter for that tire is 24.2 inches (15 inch wheel plus 4.6 inch sidewall (doubled because you have to account for both ends of the tire as you measure across) The 205 tire will be approximately half an inch taller overall (24.7 inches)

Can you use 195 55 R15 tires on a car that takes 195 65 R15 tires?

No. If you want to go to the wider 55 series tire then you need to go to a size 225/55-15. A 195/55-15 would be 6.17% smaller in diameter and you never want to go beyond a 3% difference. The 225/55-15 tire would be only 0.97% smaller which is as close as you can get to the OEM size.

What is the difference between 195 65 R15 tires and 205 60 R15 tires?

195/65/r15 has a 195 mm wide tread, a 195*65%=126.75mm side wall and a 15 inch rim205/60/r15 has a 205mm tread, a 205*60%=123mm side wall and a 15 inch rim195/65/r15 has a 195 mm wide tread, a 195*65%=126.75mm side wall and a 15 inch rim205/60/r15 has a 205mm tread, a 205*60%=123mm side wall and a 15 inch rim

What size tires do I need for a 1999 Honda Accord?

The standard size is 195/65 and that comes stock with the vehicle. Many people put different size wheels on the car and you would have to adjust if that was the case. Size sixteen through nineteen inches in diameter fit pretty easily.

How many centimeters are there in 195 inches?

There are 2.54 centimetres in one inch. Therefore, 195 inches is equal to 195 x 2.54 = 495.3 centimetres.

How many meters are there in 195 inches?

There are 0.0254 metres in one inch. Therefore, 195 inches is equal to 195 x 0.0254 = 4.953 metres.

Can you put 195 tires on 2002 Saturn sl?

If you have 15 inch rims, use 195-60r15.

What is the width of a 195 tire compared to a 215 tire?

Half inch to one inch

Can you put 195 65R tires on a rim that now has 195 55R Tires?

Yes you can as long as the rim diameter is the same. You left off the last number on your size. The sidewall will be taller on the 65 versus the 55 and this will affect the overall diameter of the tire so your speedometer may/will be off depending on the year of your car. The 65 will make less revolutions per mile than the 55.

Can i use p215 60 r 15 tires instead of p195 60 r15 tires?

Firstly, It depends on the width of your rim, a 195 is typically best suited to a 7" rim whereas a 215 is typically suited to an 8" rim. If 195 was the stock tire size then it is most likely a 7" rim and a 215 will fit width wise but will stick out more and may rub on your inner fenders if there isn't enough clearance. As for a 195/60 compared to a 215/ 60, the tire is around an inch larger in diameter which will cause your speedometer to need to be recalibrated. If you got a 215/55/15 it would only be .1 inch larger which would keep your speedometer readings nearly the same.

The tires on the car are 195 70 14 but the car calls for 195 65 15 can you put a 14 tire on a 15 rim?

no u cannot put a 14 inch tire on a 15 inch rim if the car calls for another size than the rims have been changed or there were other options available on your car and it doesnt have the 15 wheel option