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5-6 inches xx

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Q: What size gravel does one use to fill in the base of a beach volleyball court?
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What is the meaning of base line in volleyball?

The base line is the end line on both sides of the court.

Why are there only 6 players per team allowed on a volleyball court?

Because there are six positions. 1-serving position & in a 6-2 rotation its the setters home(base position) 2-RIght side hitter 3-Middle blocker 4-Outisde Hitter 5- Left Backpasser 6- Middle back- passer

What is gravel and sand acid or base?

sand is a base and gravel is a acid

What is CA6 stone?

gravel base

What base is needed for pea gravel driveway?

The sub-grade's compacted soil, topped by the sub-base of crushed stone and then the pea gravel.

What is Linesmen in volleyball?

In a volleyball game, two linemen watch the boundary lines when the server on their side serves, to make sure they do not cross the base line. Also, they watch the lines (the stand on opposite corners of the court) to make sure a player makes a false call or to signal the referee if the ball had landed in or out of the court.

Can you put gravel straight over concreted ground?

Yes. Water will drain through the gravel and most likely keep it in place. I'd probably mix the gravel with paver base this way the smaller paver base will fill gaps between the gravel and make it more stable.

What is a base line in volleyball?

It is where you would serve from.

What is a good base for pavers?

base needs to be 2" of a pea gravel with a 2" of tampered sand on top.

How much does road base gravel weigh?

A lot --- a cubic yard of gravel could weigh around 1500 lbs.

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