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the standard size,i do have ordered my clubs from firstrankgolf in the standard length.

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2009-11-05 19:28:17
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Q: What size golf club do you need?
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How do you decide what size golf club to use?

u practice

What is the standard size core for a golf club grip?


What is the name for a golf club?

Thorney Park Golf club is the friendly golf club house in Iver.

What is the best golf club for youth?

a club with an appropriate shaft flex and length for the size and strength of the youth.

What is the purpose of golf club headcovers?

The main purpose of golf club head covers is to protect the golf club. Head covers are available in many designs and themes to suit every golfer's need.

What is the maximum length of a golf club?

my hubby says it depends on the size of the person.

If you are 6' 1 what size golf club should you use?

Go to a golf Specialty store and ask. it will be better reference.

How do wire battery cables to a club car golf cart?

I need a picture of the battery cables wired to the batteries on a 1982 golf club car

What is the latest time you should arrive at the golf course if you have a tee offf time?

Your club or the competition you are playing in will give you plenty of notice of the time you need to arrive at the Golf Club by, which will vary from club to club.

What is the golf club in Barnoldswick?

The golf club located in Barnoldswick is Ghyll Golf Club. The phone number for the club is +44 1282 842466.

What is my rights regarding having being wrongly accused of cheating in a golf match i attended a hearing at my golf club and was told that there was no case to answer by the club secretary?

you would need you look at your club by laws.

Name for golf club beginning with a?

Augusta National Golf Club is located in Augusta, Georgia. It is a famous golf club.

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