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An outfielder should use a glove sized 12.5 - 13 inches. 13 inches is the largest allowed in Baseball.

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Typically, MLB outfielders use 12.5inch to 13inch. Example Bryce Harper, Manny Ramirez and Shane Victorino use Akadema, hweb, 13inch outfield gloves.

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Q: What size glove is good or an outfielder?
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Can nokona bloodline be a outfielder's glove?

That depends on the glove size you choose.

Is the Wilson A2000 XLC an infielder's glove or outfielder's glove?


What is a good size for an adult first baseman's mitt?

There is no size limit to the first baseman or catcher mitt in high school baseball. The size limit of a high school outfielder's mitt shall be no larger than 14-inches in height, 8-inch width at palm, and 53/.4-inch webbing.

Who was the first met to win a gold glove?

Outfielder Tommie Agee in 1970.

Who stole Derek Jeter's baseball glove?

Outfielder Ruben Rivera was the player who stole Derek Jeter's glove in 2002, and was quickly released for his actions.

How many types of baseball gloves there are?

Well there are both gloves and mitts. These include: Catcher's mitt First basemen's mitt Outfielder's glove Infielder's glove Pitcher's glove And a ambidextrous glove So there are 6 types.

What Glove Size to get?

When I was looking for my glove I came across this website. They have some guidelines and they really helped me. Good Luck!!

Who was the golden glove winner of 1966?

Tony Oliva, outfielder in the American League playing with the Minnesota Twins, VERN

How do you use glove and Homer in a sentence?

I wore a glove while playing baseball to catch the ball. Homer hit a home run in the ninth inning to win the game.

what size glove for 6 year old?

A small size glove

Can you use a softball glove for baseball?

A baseball outfielder glove is usually 12 1/2 to 12 3/4 inches from the tip of the index finger to the heel of the glove. A softball outfielder glove is usually 13 1/2 to 14 inches from the tip of the index finger to the heel of the glove. Since a softball is larger than a baseball, a softball glove will be larger than a baseball glove. However, this doesn't mean that you can't use a baseball glove for playing softball. It just means that you will have less margin of error when catching the softball because of the smaller pocket a baseball glove has.

Why can't you use a first baseman's glove in the outfield?

AnswerBy the rules of MLB, you can use a catchers mitt or even no glove at all in the outfield. The reason they don't use a first baseman's glove is that they don't need to. A first baseman's glove is bigger so that a less than perfect throw, or a liner in foul territory has a better chance of being caught. Outfeilders move to the ball, so they don't need a bigger glove. A first baseman's glove has a flat side, therefore as the outfielder is moving it would be harder for him to catch the ball; also, a first baseman's mitt is heavier than an outfielder's glove.