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It is up to you; you size, weight, ability and experience. If you have a lot of experience go big, if not staying with a middle weight model is better.

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Q: What size engine quad bike can you ride at 18?
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What is the biggest engine size you can ride a quad bike on a car licence?

i believe the 700cc quad is the biggest you can ride on the road. not quite sure.

Is there a limit to what size quad you can ride on a full UK driving licence?

Yes, there is a limit to the size of quad bike that you can ride on a full UK driving licence. If you passed your car driving test on or after January 19, 2013, you can ride a quad bike with an engine size up to 50cc. If you passed your driving test before this date, you can ride a quad bike with an engine size up to 125cc. It's important to note that these restrictions do not apply if you have a motorcycle licence.

Which is faster an ATV or a quad bike?

Atv's and Quads are the same thing. Speed depends on the make, model and engine size.

How tall do you need to be to ride a 650cc motorbike?

Depends on the size of the bike. The size of the bike doesn't necessarily pertain to the cc of the engine... But in general people 5.7'' - 6.1" fit on about any bike.

Is it legal to ride a dirt bike on the road but on the side if you're under sixteen in Massachusetts?

All depends on the engine size

What size quad should a 16 or 17 year old ride?

they should ride a 200cc depending on there size or can go to a 300cc

What engine size bike can you ride at 19 years old?

As long as you have a valid motorcycle license you can ride any size bike at any age.

What is the biggest bike you can ride at 17?

The size of the bike depends on the riders size and experience. The rider should be able to hold the bike up easily while sitting on the seat, and their feet on the ground. Some new riders start with a smaller engine bike until they get used to riding.

What size motor bike can you ride at sixteen?


How much does a quad weigh?

between 31-40 pounds

What cc bike can you ride at 19 in the UK?

If you pass your full motorcycle test you can ride any bike with 33bhp or less and power to weight ratio no more than 0.16 kw/kg. There is no restriction on engine size whatsoever as long as the bike is restricted to 33bhp & 0.16kw/kg you can ride it. Most manufacturers provide factory or dealer fitted options for restrictions.

How fast are quad bikes?

it depends on the size of the engine and number of cc