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it wood be a Kawasaki kx 65 in not experience but if he does a 85 cc

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Q: What size dirt bike for 10 years old 100 pounds?
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What size dirt bike should you get if a person is 12 years old and 120 pounds?

A 90cc are 125cc 4stroke

What size dirt bike should I get if I am 11 years old 4'5 I weigh 70 pounds and I am pretty experienced?

dude a KX90 should be good

What size dirt bike would be good for a 17 year old beginner that is 5'6 and 135 pounds?

a 120cc dirt bike is suitable for a 17 year old

How heavy is a dirt bike?

A dirt bike can range from 100-300 pounds. It all depends on the size of the engine, the large 530cc bikes will weigh the most while the small 50cc bike will weigh the least.

What size dirt bike should you have I'm 14 and weigh 168 pounds?

You Should get the Diamondback Overdrive

Weight limit on a 50cc dirt bike?

A 50cc dirt bike doesn't technically have a weight limit. There are many full grown adults weighing in excess of 200 pounds which own and ride dirt bikes of this engine size.

Are dirt bike wheels the same size?

There are different sizes for dirt bike wheels as there are for regular bike wheels.

What size of dirt bike should i get im 15 riding for 3 years im 5'8 and 130 pounds?

you should get a 250 trust me i am 13 and 120 pounds and 5' 5" i ride a 250 and it is a perfect size for me. dont get an 85 because they are way to small

Should a 9 year old have a dirt bike?

Yeah if they have the right size dirt bike and gear

What size dirt bike should i get I'm 15 no experience im 5'8 and I'm 178 pounds?

probably a 250four stroke :)

How can you determine the size of a dirt bike by the VIN?


What is the age limit for riding a 125cc dirt bike in nc?

there are no age limits for dirt bike. but there are recomendations for size