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20" or 24" wheel bikes may be suitable. 24" bikes will be better for getting around but are not true BMX's (street trick or dirt race bikes)

True BMX bikes are measured in Top Tube Length- all BMX's hav00e approximately the same standover.

24" BMX bikes are considered "dirt cruisers" with the exception of a handful of street trick bikes made for adults over 6'

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Pretty much all BMXes use 20" wheels, which makes all frames very similar in size. Get whatever you can afford and has brakes, in a color scheme that your kid likes.
Do note that a BMX is more like a piece of sports equipment than a "regular" bike. They're really very poorly suited for any kind of distance riding.

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The overwhelming majority of BMX bikes use 20" wheels, which makes their frames pretty much the same size too. Not much to choose from basically.

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Q: What size bmx fame is suitable for a 11 year old?
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What bmx is suitable for 16 year olds?

Bmx's don't come in sizes. They are all one size.

What size of bmx would you buy for your 15 year old?

20'' wheel size ,and roughly 25 pounds in weight ^_^

Is a gt interceptor 9-10 suitable for a 12 year old?

Yes most bmx bikes range from 8 years to 18+

What is a good bike for a 13 year old that's 5ft 5?

well bmx are something a 13 year old would want and i think they have suitable ones for someone as that height

What size wheels bmx bike is recommended for 11 year old boy?

it would be 21 to 30 inch best idea

What size bars does a pro bmx bike usually use?

what ever size fits them for their intended uses.

Good size bmx bike for you?

BMX bikes pretty much all have 20"wheels, which makes all frames very similar in size. On top of that BMX is almost entirely ridden standing up, so bike size doesn't matter as much as it does for road riding for instance.

What year gt bmx serial?

yc96050120 what year made ?

What age is a 20.5 bmx bike for?

Depends what size you are im 5 feet 10 and i ride a 20 inch bmx bike

What size bmx frame issuitable for a 13 year old?

In BMX bikes there isn't much to choose from, they're almost all use 20" wheels, which means that there isn't much difference in frame size either. Since they're mostly ridden out of the saddle it isn't much of a problem either.

What is the height for a 20 inch frame for bmx?

All "true" BMX bikes are built for 20" wheels, which makes them very similar in size.

If you get a bmx bike from target is it real?

The BMX bikes that you buy at Target and or Walmart are not the same BMX bikes that are used in BMX Racing and BMX Freestyle. Real BMX bikes are lighter, they have diiferent size sprockets among many other things. Feel free to google the National Bicycle League or the American Bicycle League to get more information.