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it was 3'4 ft long.

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Q: What size bbs do a dpms carbine rifle airsoft gun use?
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Do all airsoft scopes fit on airsoft sniper rifles?

No it depends, you need to check the rail size of your rifle, then the sort of rail that the scope can attach to. These are some standard airsoft scopes, check your gun rail size first though!

What is a carbine air rifle?

A carbine resembles a rifle, but has a smooth barrel while the rifle has a grooved barrel. The grooved barrel gives a rifle greater accuracy, but a lower muzzle velocity. An air rifle is a rilfe that uses compressed air to launch a pellet, rather than an explosive charge to launch a bullet. <><><><><> A Carbine has nothing to do with rifling. It's a short barrel air rifle or a pistol that has a rifle butt-stock attached to it. In a since it's a cross between a pistol and a rifle. They fire the same ammo as a full size air rifle but are not as accurate. They are used because they are lighter in weight and good in close quarters.

Is an AR-15 a carbine?

It depends on the weapon. Eugene Stoner the designer of the original AR-15 designed it as a full size assault rifle , but he never got to see the gun become famous. Colt later took up the design and made it for the military it was produced as a full size assault. later the designs were made to fit in a carbine platform which is known as the M4 carbine assaultlt rifle. The M4 is the main weapon in the U.S. military.

What size Allen wrench takes the orange tip off of a Dpms Cybergun M4-A1 airsoft gun?

You shouldn't take the orange tip off. It signifies that it is an air soft gun. Also, in some states, you can be fined. just leave it alone

Is a carbine a shotgun?

No. The term "carbine" typically refers to a derivative of a particular military rifle that is shorter than the full-size version. Carbines were originally intended for use by cavalrymen, who needed a compact shoulder-fired arm to use while on horseback.

Are all airsoft clips the same size?


What is the airsoft M1911A1 BB size?


Can airsoft guns take all size ammo?

If there's varying sizes of airsoft pellets, then each size will only work for airsoft guns intended to take that size pellet. Others will be either too small or too large, and could end up damaging your airsoft gun, or even getting stuck in the barrel.

Is there a difference between an m14 and m1 carbine?

Yes, quite a few, the M-14 is a full size battle rifle (later a marksman's rifle), and fires a full size rifle cartridge (7.62x51mm NATO), while the M-1 Carbine is intended as a small personal defence weapon at close to medium ranges, and it fires a .30 cal. Carbine cartridge, which is comparible in size and effectiveness to a .357 magnum, ideal for what the Carbine was designed for. The M-14 was also originally designed to be loaded by two stripper clips (ten rounds per clip) through the top of the receiver, fed into the box magazine, the carbine, was loaded by removing the magazine, then reloading a new one. Later, the M-14's loading procedure was changed, and troops were taught to reload the box magazine and replace it with new ones, like most modern rifles were at that time, instead of using the slow, two stripper clips feed. The M-1 Carbine was initially also only a semi-automatic design, while the M-14 was always able to fire in semi or full automatic.

What is the right bb size for 325 fps?

BB's for air guns (NOT airsoft) only come in one size .175 commonly referred to as .177 caliber. If you want to know about airsoft BB's then you need to put the question in the "Airsoft category."

Can you carry rifle in vehicle?

ummm...yes?It depends on the size of the weapon and whether or not you want to fire it from the vehicle. While I would be very hard-pressed to fit, much the less fire, a Kentucky Long Rifle from an M1 Abrams, I could very comfortably fire an M4 carbine from the window of a Humvee.

What is Carbine Expert first Class in the army mean?

The only carbine that the US Army officially issued as standard issue was the US M-1 (or M-2 fully auto) Carbine. This was a WW2 and Korean War carbine. US Army marksmanship badges during the Vietnam War (M-14 & M-16 Rifles) were: Expert, Sharpshooter, and Marksman. The M-1 Garand Rifle is not to be confused with the M-1 Carbine. Both were general issue at the same time in both Korea and WW2; for the both the US Army and the US Marine Corps. The M-1 Rifle used a 30-06 cartridge and the M-1 Carbine used a cartridge about the size of a pistol/revolver .357 magnum cartridge. If a man has one of those "Carbine Expert 1st Class" badges, then it probably came from the Korean War/WW2 era; when those weapons were general issue.