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Most people would recommend size 5 for av5th grader but if you are 5 feet or taller you should use size 6.

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Q: What size basketball does a 5th grader use?
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What size basketball does an 11 year old girl use?

Typically for that age girls use the womens size or 28.5.

What is a 29.5 size basketball?

If your a TRUE basketball player, you should automatically be able to tell if it is a 29.5 (size 7) basketball, BUT, if not, you can ask the person in the store, or it should say size 7 somewhere on the ball.

How does styrofoam have an impact on the environment?

styrofoam can kill animals on earth and in the ocean. try not to use it p.s writen by 5th grader

What size basketball does an 11 year old boy use?

You would use size 6

What size of basketball does a NBA player use?

they use an nba sized ball

Do professional men basketball players use a size 7 ball?


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What size of a basketball should you use for a half court basketball game or practice?

A size 28.5 would do just fine. but make sure that its as full as it will go or as bouncy as you want it.

Is the basketball hoop the same size for women and men basketball?

Yes, the ring is the same size for women as for men. However, women use smaller balls.

What size basketball should a 7 year old boy use?

I'm 12. It's true that a 29.5 size basketball would make his game improve, but that would be a training ball for him because a training ball is a size bigger basketball then the one recommended for someone. 28.5 is the right size. I keep 2, a outdoor training ball (29.5) and a indoor regular ball (28.5).

What size is used for a junior league?

If you mean what sized basketball, then it is a size 6 for any girls playing representative basketball, and size six for boys playing representative basketball until under 16's at which stage they will up-size to a size seven ball. in some organizations grade 1 and 2 use size 5 but the rule varies.

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