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The general rule of thumb is 10% of body weight to start with. If you are hurling the ball down, you may need to move to a heavier ball. If you are experiencing discomfort, then drop to a lighter ball.

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Q: What size ball should a bowler use who weighs 120lbs?
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What is a pitch called in Cricket?

Cricket ball Cricket ball

How the bowler should deliver the ball?

the bowler must bowl the ball away from the batsmen's legs but not too far. He can also put a swing on the ball to make it difficult for the batsmen. some of the good bowlers - Ishant Sharma, Ricky Pointing, Sreesanth.....

Cricket What if a bowler had gave a no ball and with it dead ball will it be a no ball or a dead ball?

dead ball.

Can bastman out when umpire called a bowler it is no ball?

He can only be out on a no-ball when it is a runout

Can a bowler bowl behind the stamps?

No he wouldn't, The bowl count No Ball If bowler bowl behind the stamps.

If a batsman step sout of his crease and the bowler bowls a bouncer over the batsman's head will it be considered as a no ball?

The bowler will be allowed one ball over the batsmens head next one will be a no ball.

What is the origin of the word bowler?

to roll a ball into a bowl

How can be there a wicket on wide ball which is credited to bowler?


Can a pace bowler after 3 balls without calling can throw a spin ball...IS that ball is considered as no ball?

He can and it is not.

What do you mean by carom ball?

a ball dilivered by a spin bowler using his index finger and next two fingers -e.g deliveries of Sri Lankan bowler Ajantha Mendis

What does both arms wide mean in cricket?

if the bowler bowls the ball out of the strip in front of the bowler ( his limit) then the umpire shouts wide and it means the ball has gone out of the rectangle/strip.

Where should you aim when attempting to bowl a strike?

Bowlers aim for the "pocket." The "pocket" is the spot between the 1-3 pins if you are a right-handed bowler and the 1-2 pins if you are a left-handed bowler. Ideally, if you are a newer bowler and you throw your ball straight you would aim between the middle and the arrow directly right (if you are a right-handed bowler) or directly left (if you are a left-handed bowler). If one continues to bowl and becomes skilled enough to hook the ball then they can learn to adjust to throw at any arrow.