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its smaller than a mens ball

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Q: What size ball does womens basketball have?
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What are the different in men and womens basketball?

The ball size, the three point line, and the quarter lengths.

What are the ball regulations in basketball?

Generally, boys' 12 and under use a womens basketball of 28.5 inches. At 13, boys' use the regulation size ball of 29.5 inches.

Is there a difference when shooting with a men's basketball compared to a women's basketball?

not really a womens ball is smaller than a mens basketball and a womens basketball is lighter

What is the size of a womens basketball?

The NCAA, ACC, ECAC, MASCAC, WNBA Etc. Use A Standard 28.5 Inch Ball. National Teams Use FIBA Womens Reg. Size.

Is the size of basketball used for college womens basketball games the same as for high school womens basketball games?


What is the circumference of an official basketball?

The official NBA men's ball is a size 7 at 29.5 inches. The official WNBA womens's ball is a size 6 at 28.5-29 inches.

Size of a basketball?

a mens basketball is a TF 500, and a womens basketball is a TF 250 or 28.5

What size basketball is a 28.5?

This is the regulation size for womens basketball. Often this is also the sized that is prefered to be used for youth basketball as well. It is smaller than the size of a regulation men's basketball.

What is womens basketball goals called?

A basket, is when they make a 'goal'. The hoop is what the ball goes through.

What size basketball for a 9 year old girl?

Typically for that age girls use the womens size or 28.5.

What was the size ball in basketball when first invented?


If the earth was the size of the ball in a ball point pen what would be about the size as the sun?

a basketball (or pretty close)

What is the difference between the size of a basketball hoop and a basketball?

A basketball hoop is just a hoop. A basketball is a ball for sports.

Why was the women's national basketball associations was created?

- The Womens National Basketball Association (WNBA) Was Created , So Women Can Have The Experience To Play Ball.

How big is a basketball ball?

The size of a basketball varies slightly by the type of basketball. The average size of a basketball used in the NBA is 29.5 to 29.875 inches in circumference.

If Earth is the size of a golf ball how large would Jupiter be?

the size of a basketball

What is the size of a womens high school basketball?

28.5. Guys are 29.5, but I've played with a 30.

What size ball does the WNBA use?

does the women's basketball NBA use the same size ball as men NBA

What is the official ball size for 7th grade basketball?


Positions is womens basketball?

Womens basketball has the same positions and rules as mens basketball. Guard, forward, center etc..

Womens basketball in front of an audience?

As in is womens basketball played in front of an audience. If so, yes it is.

Regulation Size womens basketball?

WNBA, MASCAC, ECAC, ACC, NCAA etc.. use a 28.5 inches (72.4 cm) in circumference and 20 ounces (567 g) in weight ball.

What size is a 19.5 inch diameter basketball?

A basketball with a diameter of 19.5 is considered a Middle school size basketball. The size 6 women's regulation ball is between 28.5 inches.

Is a girls basketball the same size as the boys basketball?

Nope, its not. The ball a man uses is larger and heavier, and the girl's ball is smaller and lighter. :)

What size basketball does a 12 year old boy use?

I'm 12. It's true that a 29.5 size basketball would make his game improve, but that would be a training ball for him because a training ball is a size bigger basketball then the one recommended for someone. 28.5 is the right size. I keep 2, a outdoor training ball (29.5) and a indoor regular ball (28.5).