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moto gp bikes use a 1000 cc engine hope that helps

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Q: What size are the engins in moto gp bikes?
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Are Moto GP bikes allowed on legal roads?


How many gears does a Moto GP bike have?

MotoGP bikes have 6 gears.

You want to join Moto GP?

yes i want to join moto gp

Where is the Italian moto GP held?

The Italian Moto GP in 2010 is held at the Mugello race track on June 6th.

What is the full of gp in moto gp?

Grand Prix

What is the full form of Moto GP in the field of Bike race?

Moto Gp stands for Motor Grand Prix

How much does a moto gp bike cost?

The average cost of a basic MotoGP Bike is about $125,000. The MotoGP bikes that were built for racing cost millions of dollars to buy.

Who was the last brit to win a moto gp race?

Barry sheene in the 1970s he was also the last to win the world title, tho it was called 500cc gp then not moto gp

Can moto gp bikes go over 300 miles an hour?

Nope the cant! Their top speed goes up to about 347kmph! That is about 217mph. Achieved by Dani Pedrosa on his Repsol Honda.

Are suberbikes more powerful than the moto gp bikes?

No, Superbikes are production based bikes, or modified versions of the bikes you can buy. MotoGP bikes are built specifically to race, which means their probably going to be faster. Their closer in time on the tight slower tracks, then on tracks with long straights. So pretty much their always faster.

If the top speed of the moto gp bikes are 340kmh then can a suzuki hayabusa keep up with them on a straight road?

No. Haybusa's are speed limited to about 180 mph, 340 kph is approximately 220 mph.

Who won the moto GP 2006?

Nicky Hayden