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He wears a size 8 (UK) shoe... 

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Q: What size are david beckham 's Adidas football boots?
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What is David Beckham's shoe size?

His Adidas boots are sized UK 8 and 3/4.

What size is David Beckham football boots?

his boots are UK 8 and 3/4

What boots does david villa wear?


What football club does David Beckham currrently play for?

David Beckham plays soccer, not football.

What are the two major companies David Beckham has worked for?

The two major companies David beckham worked for was GELLETTE and ADIDAS

How many years is David Beckham playing football?

david beckham is playing football for 10 yeras

What sports star sold the most for Adidas in 2009?

David Beckham

Is David Beckham famous?

Yes David Beckham is a famous English Football Celebrity.

Does David Beckham play for Milan?

David Beckham is now retired from professional football.

What football teams have David Beckham play for?

what team did david beckham used to play for

Whos the highest paid football player?

David Beckham (LA Galaxy, England) £24.1m The return of the King! In an unbelievable turn of events, David Beckham is back as the World's Highest Earning Footballer. Goldenballs is actually earning less than he did throughout 2009, but a smart new deal with EA Sports, a short term deal with Yahoo and a return to the Pepsi payroll have seen Beckham weather the sponsorship storm better than everyone else in the industry! Add this to Beckham's LA Galaxy deal and his clever sponsorship deal with adidas football boots (which is not only the biggest in football, but actually sees Beckham take a cut of each pair of his signature football boots sold!) and it's no surprise that 'Brand Beckham' is still one of the most popular in world sport.

Richest football player?

It is David Beckham.

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