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the 1993 Florida State v. Miami game

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2008-07-15 21:34:35
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Q: What single college football game had the most future NFL players?
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Total yards both teams single game college football?


What college football team has had the most draft picks in a single draft?

University of Miami

Single game combined penalties college football?

Hawaii Vs Boise state

Who is the all time single season leading rusher college football history?

Ron Dayne

What is the college football team single game rushing record?

ladainian tomlinson 405 yds

What is the most yards of offense in a single game of college football?

west virginia baylor 2012

What college football team scored the most points in a single season in div 1A?

Oklahoma in 2008.

How many NFL players have been in the hospital?

how back does football and hospitals date back to? well thats way to far look for the year that the NFL started. then look for the single records of those football players up till 2012.

What are the current college football divisions?

There are currently four NCAA divisions for college football. Division I-FBS allows 85 total players to receive a scholarship. In practice, all 85 players receive a full scholarship that completely pays for the players' college education. Division I-FCS allows 63 full scholarships, but these may be divided among any number of players (or 63 scholarship equivalencies). Division II allows 36 full scholarship equivalencies. Division III does not allow athletic scholarships. The NAIA also sponsors football in a single division. The NAIA allows 24 scholarship equivalencies. The are several other small organizing bodies, and scholarships vary widely between these organizations (although none exceed 24 equivalencies).

What was the highest score in a college football game?

The highest scoring game in college football was in 1916 between Georgia Tech and Cumberland. Georgia Tech won the game 222 to 0 and did not throw a single pass.

How many players are allowed on the football field for a single team at any point in time?

18, but it's 2000076 if you include your mum

How many single players in the NFL?

4800 single players in the NFL, i think...

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