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Q: What side of the field does the visitor team seats?
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What seats are the visitor side of aloha stadium?

The visiting team uses the makai sideline

How many football players can a team have on the field?

11 a-side

What is going to happen in home and away?

The "home" team will go out in the field first but will bat last in the game. And "visitor" will bat first but will go out in the field last. So in my opinion its better to be home

What side of the field does home team stand on in football?

WEST, generally

How many strikers are there in soccer?

in a normal game (11>v<11 on each side of the field) then there are 2 on the field for your team and 2 for the opponents team.

What is the number of players a soccer team has on the field?

11 on each side in football.

How many players are on one side of a basketball team on the field of play?


How many players in 7-a-side football?

In 7-a-side football, each team has seven players on the field.

What side of the stick is used in field hockey?

the flat side. using the rounded side will be seen as an offence and the other team will get the free hit

How do you play as a defender?

Simple. You are one of the players who's job is to get the ball from the other team when the other team is on your side of the field.

How many AFL players per team n the field?

18 each side.

Which was the home team dugout at old Forbes Field in Pittsburgh?

Third base side

What side of the field does the home baseball team typically sit on?

3rd base dug out.

How many players on a in side soccer field?

Each football team that is playing will have a total of eleven players on the field at one time.

What football team is listed first in a billing?

The visitor is listed first, and the home team second.

What team bat first in a softball game?

Away or visitor

Where did the terms top and bottom of an inning come from?

On a scoreboard, the visitor's inning by inning score is shown above the home team's score. So the visitor's score is on the top and the home team's is on the bottom.

What side is the home team dugout at legends now g steinbrenner field?

third base

Why is the New York Yankees dugout on the first base side of the field?

Because the first base side is usually the home team side. Since the Yanks are always the home team at Yankee stadium, that's where they put the dug out. :-)

What side of the field is home dugout on?

There is no rule that states the home dugout needs to be on a particular side. This is completely up to the owners/management of the team

What is the largest number of players a football team can have on a field?

During a typical play, there are only 22 players allowed on the field, 11 on each side.

Is right field more important than left field in Little League?

No. The outfield is important and a part of the defense in the team. Not everyone is a right side hitter to smack the ball to left field. Many right side hitters smack the ball to right field, or to center field. Just as the left side hitters can do the same. It's just that left field usually gets more hits toward the field than right field.

Home field side for Oakland Raiders?

The home field for the Oakland Raiders football team is Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. The field is located at 7000 Coliseum Way in Oakland.

How do you start a soccer game?

To start a soccer game you begin with a kickoff. The referee will call for a captain from each team to decide which team will get the first kickoff and which team will start on which side of the field. Often this is done by flipping a coin. Whoever wins the coin toss will have the choice of the kickoff or side of the field. The ball will be placed in the center of the field and the team doing the kickoff will have a player or two in the center circle while the other team must stay out side of the circle until the ball is played. The referee will signal the start of the game, the ball will be played, and the game begins.

How many players are there on a cricket team on the field?

Eleven fielders of the one side, plus two batsmen of the other side, so 13 in all.