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Q: What side of the court do the Celtics sit on?
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Where do the Celtics wives sit at home games?

In the celtics wives lounge

What side does the away team sit at in an NBA game?

i think that they would sit at the left side of the court

What are the prices for cheap Celtics tickets?

It is very difficult to find inexpensive tickets to see the Celtics, especially if one wants to see them on their home court in Boston, Massachusetts. The cheapest seats at the TD Garden may cost, for example, $50 to sit in the last row in the last level of the arena.

What line does a goalpost sit on in netball?

It sits on the end of the court (the short side), in the middle of the end of the line.

What celebrity has a Boston Celtics logo painted on the basketball court at his house?

Ben Affleck

Who has home court advantage between lakers and Celtics?

The Lakers have home court advantage during the 2010 NBA Finals because they had a better regular-season record than the Celtics. Los Angeles was 57-25; Boston was 50-32.

Does rajon rondo curse?

yes have you ever seen him on court p.s. im a celtics fan

Can you sit on the high court?

If you are appointed as a High Court Judge you can.

Who are the worst players on the Celtics?

The players that sit on the bench the entire game. -Mikki Moore -Marquis Daniels -Andrew Jones

Will the Celtics trade for anybody?

According to recent reports, the Celtics almost 'traded' Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo to the Pistons. The Celtics are mainly looking for more big men. After Kevin Garnett and Leon Powe went down with injuries last season, there wasn't much on the Celtics' roster for their front court. The Celtics have offered a deal to center/forward Rasheed Wallace, if you're wondering.

How much r floor seats to a Miami Heat playoff game?

Court side is where I sit and they are very good!

Does the defendant sit with their attorney in court?