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Q: What side line do the astros have for their home games?
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What is a line segment in your home?

The edge of a table, for example, or side of a door frame.

Where is the running lane in baseball?

On the way from home to first on the right side of the foul line.

Which side of the stadium is the home team for 2011 BCS National Championship?

Short answer - Auburn is home team and is on the North/East side of the stadium. This is the OPPOSITE of the normal home sideline for Cardinal games.

What side do the Jacksonville Jaguars stand on at home games?

When looking from the Bud Zone, the left.

What is Home team side of Rose Bowl?

In 1982 the UCLA Bruins began playing their home games in the Rose Bowl.

Your astro van wont blow air out the front vents?

In the past on my 89 and 99 Astros. When this happens the small vacuum line that runs from the front of the Driver Side Valve Cover to the HVA System on the Passenger side has been broken. This line runs across the front of the engine and becomes brittle from the heat and can crack or break in two. Best results are to replace the vacuum line instead of splicing it.

Can a runner run on either side of the third base line when attempting to score on a ball hit to the third baseman?

Yes. As long as you are reasonably close to the third base line you can be on either side of it. It might be useful to run on the fair side of the line so you can somewhat block the third baseman from throwing home, trying to get you out.

When was Side-Line created?

Side-Line was created in 1989.

What is A line that goes to side to side called?

line segment

What the key function of the home key?

when you are writing in Word (or similar program) the home key will take you to the beginning of the line. Control+home will take you to the beginning of the document.

Is the suction line the high side?

No, the liquid (discharge) line is the high pressure side. The suction line is the low pressure side.

A neat line of things side by side?

A neat line of things side by side is called a stack or row.