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It varies. There is no "official" dugout for visitors or home teams in Baseball. It is decided by the team who calls the stadium home. In NCAA baseball playoffs, the visitors occupy the 3rd base dugout no matter where the game is played.

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Q: What side is the visitors side at a baseball stadium?
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Is section 153 in M and T stadium in the west?

No - Section 153 is on the lower sideline on the Visitors side, on the North Side of the stadium.

What does the visitors mean in baseball?

The team that travels to the opposing home team stadium.

Which side is the visitor's bullpen on at kauffman stadium?

The visitors bullpen is in front of sections 150 thru 152 in right field at Kauffman Stadium.

What dugout does the visiting team sit in during a baseball game?

Their own. Generally if they sit in the home team's dugout, there's bound to be a fight or two. Seriously, it varies from stadium to stadium. Often the home team is on the 3rd base side, with the visitors across at 1st base. But there's no hard and fast rule. Sarcasm does not seem appropriate for answering a question.

Where is section 12 FD row T in Dodgers stadium?

Section 12 FD row T is on the Visitors Side Field Boxes and you are under the overhang .

What side is the visitors at Wrigley field?

The first base side is always the visitors side.

How many visitors can be held in the olympic park stadium?


Can you sit in a greek stadium?

Yes, you can sit in a Greek stadium. Remnants of these ancient stadiums are open for tours and allow visitors to experience hands-on.

Where is the visitors' section at Ross Ade Stadium?

Anywhere in the stadium. Their fans are terrible and it's typically an away game when a decent team comes to town.

When was FAU Baseball Stadium created?

FAU Baseball Stadium was created in 1991.

When was Douliu Baseball Stadium created?

Douliu Baseball Stadium was created in 2005.

When was Tianmu Baseball Stadium created?

Tianmu Baseball Stadium was created in 1999.

When was Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium created?

Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium was created in 1997.

Does the new Wembley Stadium roof actually close?

According to the official website of Wembley Stadium:For the majority of event days at Wembley Stadium, the roof is in its fully closed position - lined up with the touchlines leaving the seats covered but the pitch uncovered.This is how Wembley Stadium has been designed as it allows for the playing surface to receive maximum sunlight. Wembley Stadium does not move the sliding roof whilst visitors are in the Stadium.In the event of heavy rain some visitors on Level 1 can get wet, so we would recommend visitors dress accordingly.As Wembley Stadium's roof does not close fully, visitors with tickets for the standing pitch area at concerts will get wet in the event of rain.See the Related Link to the official website of the stadium.

What is bigger a baseball stadium or a football stadium?

I think it is a football stadium

Was there a baseball hit out of Yankee stadium?

no baseball was ever hit out of Yankees Stadium for a home run.

When was Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium created?

Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium was created in 2010.

When was Pan American Baseball Stadium created?

Pan American Baseball Stadium was created in 2010.

When was Hsinchu CKS Baseball Stadium created?

Hsinchu CKS Baseball Stadium was created in 1976.

When did Taipei Municipal Baseball Stadium end?

Taipei Municipal Baseball Stadium ended in 2000.

When was Taipei Municipal Baseball Stadium created?

Taipei Municipal Baseball Stadium was created in 1959.

How big is a baseball field?

It varies from stadium to stadium.

What is the third oldest baseball stadium?

Dodger Stadium.

What side of the Dolphin Stadium is the sunny side?

The North Side

What side of cardinals stadium is home side?

North side