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On the winner's right. The winner (gold) is in the center. On his or her right is the Silver medalist (2nd). On the other side, the winner's left, is the Bronze medalist (3rd).

This is from the winner's viewpoint.

From the spectator's viewpoint, looking at the medalists from the front, the silver is on the left and the bronze is on the right.

These are the customary positions for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in many competitive events.

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Q: What side is the silver medalist on the Olympic medal podium?
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Most medals in olympic history?

The Olympic awards three medals. The first is a gold medal, he/she/they is the winner of that event they compete in. That athlete or athletes stand in the middle of the podium and hear his/her national anthem played during the medal ceremony. The second is a silver, He/she/they finish second directly or indirectly based on time, score, or agreement. He/she stands to the right of the gold medalist during the award ceremony. If the gold medalist is disqualified because of certain post event regulations (doping or underage regulations). The silver medalist will be the Olympic champion and accept the gold medal in the process. The last medal given is the bronze medal. This is for the athlete who finished third in a race or win the bronze medal match. They stand to the left of the gold medalist. In some sports (boxing), their are two bronzr because their is no bronze medal match or because of the rules of the sport. Some athletes find that winning an medal is an achievement, some will find that an achievement is winning as many as possible under rule regulations. Michael Phelps, argubly the greatest Olympic Champion of all times, won 8 gold medals in a single Olympic. Others less known atheltes, Chris Huffins, a decathlete, says "Their are as many gold medalist as their are bronze medalist." Althought it might sound true at first, it is a very radical statement and does not always apply to all sports (boxing). Also, a gold medalist can alos be bronze medalist, but is still titled as "Olympic gold medalist" in advertisements. Huffins won a bronze in the decathlon at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

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the olympic is all silver nothing else

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How much do Olympic Metal winners pay in taxes?

The prize taxes for a gold medal honorarium of $25,000 is pegged by ATR at $,8750. Combined with the tax on the medal itself, a gold medalist will have to pay the IRS $8,986. A silver medalist must pay $5,385 on the medal and the $15,000 honorarium and a bronze medal winner must pay $3,502 on the medal and the $10,000 honorarium.

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it is $1200,00 ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

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What happens if there a tie for the silver medal is there still a bronze in the Olympics?

Podium only has 3 places, unless there is a tie for bronze. In the case of a tie for silver, there is no bronze medal awarded.

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