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If the food has already been plated you serve over the right shoulder. If you are serving food onto a plate you serve over the left shoulder.

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Q: What shoulder do you serve over when waiting tables?
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How do you do a hard serve in volleyball?

To do a hard serve in volleyball, the best option is to do an overhand serve. To overhand serve, toss the ball as high as you can reach and over your right shoulder (if you are right handed; left shoulder if you are left handed). Keep your arm straight, snap your wrist, and follow through. Make sure to contact the ball in front of you and keep your arm strong.

What is the origin of salt over shoulder superstition?

It is believed the "devil" stands over the left shoulder of a person. As salt was once considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity, spilling it is thought of as wasteful and a means to tempt the "devil" into taking it from you. Throwing salt over your left shoulder is supposed to "blind the devil" into not seeing the opportunity to reduce your material wealth.

Why do people throw salt over their shoulders when they are cooking?

Salt, which has been spilled (something that happens frequently when people cook) is often thrown over the left shoulder. The belief was that the devil stood over your left (or sinister) shoulder, waiting for or causing your mistakes. The salt was supposed to go into the devil's eyes, blinding him to your errors.

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Why is it called bussing tables?

The term "bussing tables" comes from the French word "boussing," which means "to kiss" or "to touch with the lips." In the context of clearing tables in a restaurant, it refers to the act of removing dishes and items left by diners by lightly touching the table with the dishes. Over time, "bussing" tables became synonymous with clearing them.

What is over the shoulder making out?

over the shoulder making out is literally looking back over your shoulder and givng a french kiss to the guy you have in mind.

Why does a deacon wear a stole like a sash ie over the left shoulder?

A deacon wears a stole over the left shoulder to distinguish their role from that of a priest, who wears it around the neck. This manner of wearing the stole reflects the deacon's role as a servant, and symbolizes their readiness to serve others.

What is the origin of throwing salt over your shoulder?

The superstition of throwing salt over your (left) shoulder came about because people once believed the Devil stood behind your left shoulder waiting for you to make a mistake or to influence you into making a mistake. Spilling salt, which was once used as part of a Roman soldier's salary and hence as money was believed to not only be wasteful, but bad luck. Throwing some of the spilled salt over your left shoulder would be throwing it into the Devil's eyes, thus blinding him to your mistake.

What shoulder do you throw salt over after you spill it?

over your right shoulder with your left hand

What do you do when you throw salt over shoulder?

If you have supersticions, you throw salt over your shoulder to get rid of them

Why do some people throw spilt salt over their shoulders?

The superstition of throwing spilt salt over the shoulder is believed to ward off bad luck. It is thought to have originated from the idea that salt was a precious commodity and wasting it could anger evil spirits that might be nearby. By throwing salt over the left shoulder, one is believed to blind the evil spirits waiting there.

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