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i just turned 55 and my best time is 1minute 59.8 seconds

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โˆ™ 2012-02-12 03:57:05
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Q: What should your time in the 800 meter race be if you are a 54-year-old man?
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How do you convert a 600 meter race time into a 400 meter race time?

cut the time down by 33.3%

What would 10.80 time for 95 meter race converted to 100 meter race?

11.37 would be for 100 meters.

How do you convert a 3000 meter race time into the equivalent 2 mile race time?

2 miles is about 3200 meters. So multiply the 3000 meter race time by 3200/3000 (about 1.067) to get the 2 mile time at the same average speed.

How much time do the hurdles add to a 400 meter race?

For someone with good form and someone who is in good shape the race should add somewhere in the relm of 5 secs

What is the average time for a person running a 400 meter race?


What is the fastest time a person has run a 500 meter race?

Michael Johnson

What is the 100 meter running race measured in time?

It depends on how fast you run.

How do you calculate split time?

A split time is basically the time it takes to run a fraction of a race. If there is a 1500 meter race, there could be split times at 400 meters, 800 meters, and 1200 meters. So the time it took to run the first 400 meters of the 1500 meter race would be called a split time.

What is the fastest time a person has run a 1400 meter race?

The fastest time a person has run a 1400 meter race is 3 minutes 43.13 seconds. Moroccan athlete Hicham el Guerrouj ran it in 2011.

What is the slowest 100 meter time in the Olympics?

54.3 Injured runner who finished the race

What is the Fastest time for a 13 year old athlete in a 200 meter race?


How do you convert a 1600 meter race time into the equivlent 1 mile race time?

1 mile = 1608 meters, so they are pretty much the same

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