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It depends, how old are you? Maybe you need 2 work on your running technique and start eating more protein. Also add some plyometrics to your work out. Basically, get yourself in superior shape. Then test your abilities with or without the ball.

Point is, if you can handle the ball, consider running back or Wide Recieveer

If you can throw, QB

If you can catch, WR or TE

If you can block, OL

If you can tackle, DL or LB

If you have speed, DB

If you can kick, Kicker/Punter

You can be whatever you wanna be, just gotta work hard at it

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Q: What should you work on most to become a division 1 football player if your bench max is 185 lbs squat is 275 lbs and your power clean is 165 lbs and you run your 40 in 6 seconds?
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