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A leotard and no socks (but if you like to wear socks, i'm sure your teacher will let you) You should have your hair pulled up.

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Q: What should you wear to the gym?
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Should you wear boxers in gym class?

Wear boxer briefs.

Should wear Brazilian at the gym?

Yes a sports bra

What should you wear to the gym when its cold?

put your gym clothing in a bag and wear something warm when you go change in the washroom then go workout :D

If you play lacrosse in gym should you ware jockstarps?

Always wear a jock

Should you wear a jockstrap in high school gym class?

yea everyone does that. its cool

What length socks should men wear with their black gym shoes?

Crew length socks.

Can you wear skate shoes to gym class Not a gym but gym class in middle school?


What sort of underwear should a 13 year old boy wear for gym class?

i like puppies and i wear compression shorts to p.e. but do i need to wear pants? I don't

What should I plan to wear when going to the gym?

Whatever's comfortable is fine, unless the gym has a dress code. I'm a guy, so I just wear exercise shorts and a T-shirt. When going to gym, you should consider wearing something that is comfortable. Clothing such as sweat pants, shorts, tank tops are all good options.

Should you wear a pad during gym?

if you have your period or think you might pee a little during exercise it's a good idea to wear one.

When should you wear jock strap underwear?

You should wear a jock strap if you need to be wearing a cup - so for sports where you might get hit. You should also wear a jock strap for support for running, working out, gym class, etc, even if a cup is not required.

When should you not wear your retainer like would you wear it to gym?

I wouldn't think that you would have to take out your retainer for gym but I'm not so sure because I'm just getting my braces on in two weeks....I think that's a question that you may have to confront your ortho with!

What should I wear to the gym?

A great place to find affordable workout wear is Winners, TJ MAXX and other similar retailers. They provide affordable workout wear. You can also check a used store for these things.

Is it acceptable to wear bike clothes to the gym?

There's no reason why it wouldn't be acceptable to wear bike clothes to the gym. It's important that one's gym clothes are flexible and comfortable, not so much what they look like.

Why should boys wear underwear?

Underwear is irritating, but you do need it for support. If you don't wear it you'll feel more irritated, believe me! I am a 14 year old boy and i don't wear underwear very often only when i have gym. and when i do i wear boxers.

What do you have to wear in the pool at the ymca?

wear shorts and a t shirt to the gym, swim suit to the pool!

What should you wear to a job interview for a gym?

Well it really depends on what position you are applying for! If you are applying for a managerial or sales position you shold wear business attire. However, if you are applying for a job as a personal trainer you should wear your nice workout clothes. Something that compliments your physique!

What should i wear on the first day of sixth grade ow and it is tomorrow?

A pair of long gym shorts, a clean t-shirt and sneakers.

What do you wear to do gymnastics?

leotards for girls gym shorts for boys

How long should you got to the gym to lose weight?

How many hours should you go to the gym

What are things you wear that begin with the letter G?

gloves, gown, gym shoes, gym shorts, girdles, glasses,

Gym class advice for 7th grade boy?

for your gym kit wear normal clothes not sports clothes

Should gym be capitalized?

No, because gym is not a proper nou n.

Where Is The 7th Gym Leader In Kanto Soulsilver?

he is in the seaform islands you go there , there should be a ladder there should be the gym

Were is the gym leader in virdian city?

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