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I'm sure they can study whatever they want. They just have something extra to worry about in school besides their education. They focus on their specific sport and go to school to get a degree in a field they can fall back on after their glory years.

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You should study Journalism and broadcasting

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Q: What should you study in college if you want to be in sports journalism?
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What is the best place to study journalism?

Journalism in college

What major should I study to work for magazine?

You should study Journalism in college if you would like to work for a magazine. You can also study English.

What is the best place to study?

Journalism in college

What do you study to become a news reporter?

get a college degree in journalism

What Did Sarah Palin Study In College?

I am pretty sure she studied Communications, but she defiantly studied Journalism.

Does journalism need to be capitalized in an essay?

Yes, "journalism" should be capitalized in an essay as it is the name of a specific profession or field of study.

What PhD will you need to be a sport's doctor?

Study 'Sports Medicine' at a Four Year college.

What should you study at college if you want to be a mythology lecture?

Because if you want to Work, you have to study in college, College Schools teaches you how to Work.

Where can one find information about journalism courses?

You can find information about journalism courses at universities or colleges by visiting their websites and searching for their journalism department or course offerings. You can also check online learning platforms like Coursera or Udemy for journalism courses. Additionally, professional journalism organizations may provide information on courses or workshops related to the field.

Why study illiteracy?

The reason to take literacy in something like a college or high school would be if you want a career in journalism. Like if you want to work for the newspaper.

Where is the best place to study journalism?

The best place to study journalism is in either Ryerson University or Carleton university in Ottawa for undergraduate students too! its really good at bothThe Best Place to study journalism would be in New York or Seattle. University of WA

Can you study journalism and dance at the same time?

In college, you can always have a major and a minor. It up to you to choose which of the two you would like to major in and which one will be your minor. It may be best to major in journalism and minor in dance. When you are a dance major, most often your schedule is dictated and there is little room for outside classes due to performances and rehearsals. Nevertheless, you can study both courses while matriculating through college.