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Beer. What else?

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Q: What should you drink before a softball game?
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Related questions

How many player on a softball team?

there should be 9 player in a softball game

Should kids drink monsters before softball games?

I recommend not drinking it every time your child play. Maybe once in a blue moon. Caffeine is one of the worst things you can ingest before, during or after a game or workout.

What kind drink should you drink the day before a football game?

you should always have at least 3 bottles of lucazede

Do basketball players have to drink a lot of water during a game?

Basketball players should not drink a lot of water during a game. To best benefit themselves and avoid dehydration, they should drink a lot of water before a game and after a game.

What should you eat before playing a game of softball?

You should eat pasta or some kinds of noodles because it is good for you with salad. Don't eat too much so your full and tired. Drink water so you can stay hydrated.

How much water should a 12 year old girl drink a day if the have a softball game the next day?

About 4-5 glass of water

Is softball a game or a sport?

Softball is both a game (a game of softball) and a sport (the popular sport of softball.

In what year was the term Softball designed to the game?

YOU should know the answer!!!!

When should you drink a red bull the night before a football game or just before?

Just before is best it if u drink it the night before It won't do much if you drink it before it will give you a burst of energy and focus because it has taurine

In which game batter is allowed 3 strikes before he is out?

It is allowed in baseball and softball.

What is a explanation of softball?

There is no physical, logical explanation of the real game of softball, that's why we have this game of softball.

What should you eat and drink the night before your soccer game?

You should eat a fruit cup, a ham sandwich, eat so veggies, and drink a healthy smoothie

What kind of education do softball players need?

There is no required education that a softball needs, but to be the best of their ability they should have knowledge in the game.

Number of innings in a softball game?

There are 7 innings in a softball game

Is the word 'softball game' capitalized?

No, the term 'softball game' is not capitalized.

What should a socccer player eat before a game?

pasta and drink water not G2 or Gatorade not good for you

What did the cheerleader drink before the game?


Was Shawn Johnson in the celeberty softball game?

She did participate in the celebrity softball game.

When was the game of softball actually called softball?


Why the ball of baseball is hard why the game is called softball?

Baseball is not called softball. The game of softball is called softball because the ball used is softer than a baseball.

What should I wear to an watch an urban softball game?

anything except a dress or skirt

How do you get ready for a softball game?

you should go to the batting cage.or you can throw with a partner and stretch!

What type of diet a softball player needs?

a softball player needs a really healthy diet, especially if you play travelball cause you play three games a day. they need to drink lots of water two or three days before ploaying a game so they don't get dehydrated. Players should stick with fruits, and vegetables. i am a travelball player so i have to drink alot of water. you also need to be in really good shape!

History of Softball in The Bahamas?

who develop the game of softball in the Bahamas

Which team bat first in a softball game?

The visiting team bats first in a softball game.