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Q: What should the fielder with the ball do to begin a run down?
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What happen if a fielder stops the fast moving ball suddenly?

the fielder would break down and the ball would fly into their face. the obviously too much chocolate silly fielder

What do you think will happen when the cricket ball is hit by a cricket Bat- will it stay in the air or fall down on the earth?

fall down on the earth or in the hands of a fielder

Is the runner safe when the fielder knocks down the ball when it is hit to first base and while he is on the ground with the ball in his left hand the player touches first base with his glove only?

I assume the question means the fielder is on the ground (floor?) either case, the fielder legally tagged the base while holding the ball firmly and the batter is out. See definition of "tag" in baseball rules. It is the same as the firstbaseman touching (tagging) first with his foot while the ball is in his glove. This would not be true if the runner is not forced, in which case the fielder must tag the runner with the ball held firmly in his hand or glove.

If the fielder hits the stump with his leg at that time the fielder have the ball at that time the batesman is not in the crease In this case the batsman is out or not?

In this particular situation, the batsman is not out.This is because the wicket was not put down properly. According to Law 28 of the Laws of Cricket, only the ball itself or a hand or arm that is in possession of the ball can properly put down the wicket.Having said this, there is still the potential for the batsman to be run out in this scenario. If the fielder, having realized his mistake, either reassembles the wicket and then properly puts down the bails or uses the ball or the hand or arm with the ball to uproot one of the remaining stumps, either one before the batsman can make his ground by returning behind the popping crease, a run out can still be called.

When should a cool down begin?

A cool down should begin after you exercise, or when you feel dizzy or are getting cramps.

Is this sentence grammatically correct The ball fall down?

no. the sentence should be 'the ball fell down'

Is there an explicit baseball rule that says the ball is dead on a home run being a ball hit out of playing field in flight as 7.05a?

NO ... there is a 7.05a rule that refers to the ball being In play or not when hit near the walls ... In play is determined by the walls around the Field and the ball clearing them the fielders feet most stay with in those walls ... A ball that hooks foul when hit still has a chance to come back into play so calling the ball dead would be a premature call ... In baseball a fielder can extend there arm and body to catch the ball that is hit over the walls the fielder can even jump on the wall to catch the ball or knock it down ...It is all so worth noting that a fielder can't go into the dug out to catch the ball ...

How do you get quicker hands?

Try this drill: Stand face-to-face with your coach or training partner, who should be approximately one yard in front of you. 1. Your partner should begin by holding a tennis ball ? palm down ? at about chest height. 2. In an athletic stance, place your hand ? palm down ? on top of your training partner's hand that is holding the ball. 3. Without warning, your training partner should release the ball. 4. As quickly as possible, shift your hand down and try to catch the ball. Do not touch your training partner's hand at any time. 5. Catch the ball and hand it back to your partner, then repeat.

Does the speed of a ball rolling down a ramp change with the kind of material from which the ball is made?

The speed at which an object falls is not affected by its weight or mass, so a solid stone ball should fall just as quickly as a hollow wooden ball. But a ball made of a rougher material could slow it down. The material of the ball should only matter if affects how smooth the ball is.

How should all exercises begin and end?

Routines should begin with warm-ups to reduce the chances of injuries and end with cool-down exercises to speed recovery.

Why would a fielder try to catch a ball on an infield fly rule?

In the infield, a pop up has a natural tendency to move back towards the infield, happens down either line and in the area around the plate. So to compensate for the ball moving towards the infield, the catchers glove is positioned so it can move with the ball, rather than stabbing at it.

A usually brings the ball down the court to begin an offensive play?

The point guard or it can be who the coach put to run the point guard position.