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Q: What should be our objective to give presentation on sports?
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Can you give me an example of presentation clue?

Example of presentation clues

Latest technology in nanotechnology on which you could give paper presentation?

You can give presentation on carbon nano tubes production and its applications OR you can also give presentation on bulletproof jackets enhanced with nanotechnology.

Should you include an objective when writing your first resume?

Yes , that will be very good , when the interviewers see the objective resume , he will give you a high points and you can get employed .

What are the uses of objective pronoun?

An objective pronoun functions as the object of a verb or a preposition.The objective pronouns are: me, us, him, her, them, whom.The pronouns that function as subject or object are: you, it.Examples:To whom should I give my completed application? (object of the preposition 'to')Give it to the manager. You'll find him in that office. (objects of the verbs 'give' and 'find')

What is a good name for a PowerPoint presintation?

There is no simple answer to that. You should give your presentation a name that is appropriate to what the presentation is about. That way it is also easy to know which presentation is which when you have a lot of them. If someone is doing a presentation about the sales they made in 2013, they might call it something like Sales2013. If they were doing something about their holidays, they might call it something like MyHoliday. So you should choose a name that relates to what the presentation is about. Those are the best kinds of names to use.

Give you 3 function of Presentation Program?

presentation software is software that helps you create & share presentations; gain powerful insights.presentation software is software developed to give users a feel for the product , such as trail ware

Can you give a power point presentation on the topic 'means of communication have improved but are you communicating'?

yes i will give presentation on communication topic but how can i giv

Is it Amir plans on giving the presentation tomorrow or Amir plans to give to presentation tomorrow?

amir plans on giving presentation tomorrow

Can you give a sentence using objective?

Please clarify your objective with an example.

What is analayis?

An analayis is when you give a presentation and a result.

Can you give me a presentation on George Washington Carver?


How do you persuade a crowd that sports is a good thing and that you should all do it?

You should give the pros to playing a sport, such as it keeps you fit, it's a good character builder, and it shows teamwork.