What should an athlete eat for dinner?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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athletes eat high carbin and protein

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Q: What should an athlete eat for dinner?
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What times should you eat breakfast lunch snack and dinner?

You should eat breakfast at 7;00 you should eat lunch at 12;00 you should have a snack at 15;00 you should eat dinner at 18;00

When is the best time to eat dinner?

you should eat dinner at 7:30 or 8:00

What should you eat for your dinner?


Q: How much food should I eat for dinner?

You should eat what is enough.

What should you eat for dinner in Paris?


Why should an athlete know his lung capacity?

so they can eat potato

What should i have for dinner if I'm hungry and I like pizza?

You should eat pizza.

How long should you wait before your next meal?

You should try to eat breakfast at 7 to 8a.m. eat lunch at 12p.m., and eat dinner at 6. Don't eat dinner after 8 because it's VERY unhealthy. So you should probably wait about 5 hours.

What should a teenager eat for dinner?

Healthy food such as salads or stew.

Im not overweight but you are not super skinny what are some diets you can try that are safe for an athlete?

I am an athlete too and I command you to not to skip a meal of the day .. Have a full meal weather it's breakfast or dinner or lunch but don't eat in between , For dinner it's better to it green salads and keep your body in good shape ... so do exercise too

How many times should a person eat a day?

People should eat 3 times a day-Breakfast,Lunch, and Dinner.

What time should one eat?

Each person has a different schedule each day. A person needs to always eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dinner should always be eaten before 7 PM.