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A team captain should bring most or all of the following:

  • A determination to win
  • A great attitude
  • Leadership skills
  • A sense of humor (to lighten the mood)
  • A great work ethic
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Q: What should a team captain bring to the team if chosen?
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Can you choose the people to be on your baseball team in Wii Sports?

You can pick your team captain/pitcher, but all other characters are randomly chosen.

Who should perform the toss with the team captain?

The referee.

How is a sports team captain selected?

In soccer, like most other team sports, the captain is chosen by the coach, the players, or even the club. The qualities to look for in a good team captain is: leadership, enthusiasm, will to work hard, and encouraging.

Whoare team captains on a question of sport?

The team captains are usually chosen by the team members. They will nominate some people and they will have a vote. The person with the most votes will become the captain of the team.

What is captain in volleyball?

Captain of the team

What are the duties captain on the court in volleyball?

The captain's duties is to make sure the team does have any jewelry on while playing and there should be at least one captain on the court at times.

Who is Australia's team captain in football?

Tim Cahill is the team captain for Australia's football team! (:

Who is recent pakistans team captain?

ODI & Test Team captain is Misbah Ul Haq T20 Team captain is Mohammad Hafeez

Who is the captain of Pakistan hockey team?

Mohammad Imran is the captain of Pakistan Hockey Team.

Who is Denmark captain?

The Danish captain of which team?

Who is the englan team football captain?

Rio Ferdinand is englands football team captain!

Who is the captain of the Indian basketball team now and in 1930?

The current Captain of the Indian basketball team is Amritpal Singh. The team was made in 1936, so there was no 1930 captain.