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Start at 80% of your weight and work your way up. I weight 175 and I can only do about 175 but my work out buddy weights 180 and can bench 300... so start at 80% which is 140.

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โˆ™ 2009-11-10 04:46:57
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Q: What should a 175 pound 18 year old male bench?
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Is a 315 pound bench press good for a 50 year old male?

it will depend on what kind of bench it is :P

Is a 315 pound a good bench press for a 50 year old male?


How much should a 121 pound 15 year old bench?

Three fifty should be pretty easy for a 15 year old male. Pump it up buddy and keep on lifting!

How much should a 13 year old 122 pound boy bench press?


How much should a 13 year old 120 pound boy bench press?

140 pounds because you should bench 20 pounds more then your body weight

How much can the average 40-year-old bench press?

It Usealy is 80-100 for 1 rep or 40-60 for 10 reps this is a bad, wrong answer. The average 40 year old male bench presses in the mid-to high 100's, and with proper training, should attain a 250 pound bench press.

How much pound should a 16 year lift?

a 16 year old should be lifting in his bench press around 150 and 200 pounds, if you bench within these numbers than your in pretty good shape. But if were talking about squating it should be around 200 threw 250 pounds , but most 16 year olds barely squat as much as bench.

What should the maximum bench press rep be for a 6 foot 4 210 pound 17 year old boy?

they say you should be able to bench your own weight but if you have been training for awhile your muscles will let you bench a lot more than your weight.

How much can the average 11 year old bench press?

I'm not sure how much an average 11 year old should be able to bench. But I am 11 and I can bench about 80-90 but I am a little stronger the an average 11 year old... Sooo I would say the average 11 year old should be able to bench about 60-75 pound. ๐Ÿ™‚

How many calories should an 18 year old 240 pound male eat a day?

Over 9000

How much should a 15 year old male who ways 170 be able 2 bench and curl?

If your in good shape you should be able to bench you weight, but keep in mind that is a 15 year old that is in shape.As far as arm curls go, I would say 40lbs.

How much should a thirteen year old 124 pound boy bench press?

it really depends on the strength of the kid, but on average its between 60lbs. to 80 lbs.

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