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Probaly a volyball, sunscreen, bug spray shorts and short sleeved shirt and a sleeping bag.

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Q: What should I bring to a overnight volleyball camp?
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What should I bring to a 4 day 3 night volleyball camp?

you should bring a volleyball, some shorts, a shirt, and comfortable shoes

How should you bring your medications to camp I take daily medicine I am going to overnight camp for a week They recommended a blister pack but could I just put the bottles in a plastic bag?

If you are going to an overnight camp for a week, you can only carry your medications in blister packs and not bottles.

What should you bring to football camp?

A person should bring a football, a jersey, and a good attitude to football camp.

Where is a good volleyball camp for teenagers?

By doing a quick search, I found that NIKE does volleyball camps in various locations. You can go to this website to find out more information: Also, you can look at this site for parent testimonials about their kids' experiences at the NIKE camp, which might help ease your mind about letting your teen go to such a camp.

Can you camp overnight at wembley?

Q: Can you camp overnight at wembley? A: Probably, yes you can sleep in your car.

What should you bring to winter camp?

food9fish for dabeers

What should you bring to a basketball summer camp?

A basketball!

What to bring to a five day camp?

It depends on what kind of day camp it is and what the activities of the day include. The should give you a list of what you need to bring.

What should you bring for a sleep-away camp?

Crazy Things To wear for sure. Check your camp website; there should be a packing list.

What should you bring to camp that last for a week?

board games merrt

What should I bring to a 5 day 4 night volleyball camp Please list everything?

5 t-shirts 5 shorts (tight black one) few shirts for change few shorts for change knee protects 2 bottle of water volleyball ball

What to bring to blue lake fine arts camp?

You should bring clothes. and shoes. and your fine art.

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