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A dunk

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Q: What shot has the highest percentage change of going to the basket?
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What is the highest basket toss?

well so far the highest basket toss I've seen is the flyer going at least 15 feet high =) The highest basket toss (at college level) is around 30 feet high. the highest basket toss recorded on the Guiness World Records is 5.1m from (Stormz) All Star Cheerleaders, NZ!!

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What is a Basket strainer?

A basket that strains waste water from going down a waste line

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not in the t.v. version

How can you stop someone taller from going to the basket?

get a tazer and tazer their toes, pull on the floor move the basket, or dont play

Where is the most accurate spot on the basketball court?

Well the most accurate spot for people can be everywhere its just depending on what their playing style is. But usually the closer you are to the basket the more accurate you are going to be. Take the layup as an example,that is usually the most highest percentage shot in the game,meaning most people that take a layup usually make it.

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going right and left with basketball and then shoot in basket

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