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Jordan XII- I think

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Q: What shoes did Allen Iverson wear in his return to the sixers?
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Where can one find out what shoes Allen Iverson wears?

Allen Iverson wears Reebok shoes. Allen Iverson is the signature of Reebok, similar to how Michael Jordan was the signature for Nike shoes, so naturally he wears Reebok.

How many shoes does Allen Iverson have?


Where do you buy the Allen Iverson answer x shoes?

foot locker

What are the release dates for It's the Shoes - 2005 Allen Iverson and Damon Dash - 1.2?

It's the Shoes - 2005 Allen Iverson and Damon Dash - 1.2 was released on: USA:28 June 2005

What are the release dates for It's the Shoes - 2005 Allen Iverson and Damon Dash 1-2?

It's the Shoes - 2005 Allen Iverson and Damon Dash 1-2 was released on: USA: 28 June 2005

Where can one purchase Iverson shoes?

Iverson shoes can be purchased via several sites on the web. Mr. Iverson has his own website where shoes can be found. They can also be found at Reebok's website, Footlocker, and NiceKicks.

Where are Allen edmonds shoes made?

Allen Edmonds shoes are made in Port Washington, Wisconsin

Why is a basketball player is a tall person?

Well if you are trying to say why is every basketball player tall that is not true at all. One player who is short for height is Allen Iverson (5'10 without shoes) and there have been shorter.

Where can get Allen Edmond's shoes for sale?

One can purchase Allen Edmond's shoes for sale in online stores such as the offical Allen Edmond's Men's Shoes website or Amazon. One can also purchase them on ebay or Overstock.

What do the Allen Edmond's Outlet offer?

Allen Edmond's is a prestigious American shoe company. Allen Edmond's Outlets offer popular men's shoes, oxfords, boots, as well as Allen Edmond's golf shoes.

What type of shoes does Jon Bon Jovi wear on stage?

For the most part, when the band is on tour he wears Black Allen Iverson's. They're basketball shoes. I used to have some when they were popular... VERY comfy. When Jon plays solo things though he wears Chelsea boots, not sure of a brand there though

Is Allen Iverson about to retire?

Yes,he is all washed up he is a sin to any ones team and he needs to retire he should have took practice a little more serious he just don't got it no more for example like when he was in Denver they were not good then he went 2 Detroit did not fit went to the grizzles they been a bad contender and know he wants to go back to the sixers he need to go home and take a rest by some white shoes and go to a hot place do something like make a dance video.

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