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jordans are better

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Q: What shoes are better Jordans or shaqs?
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What shoes are better Adidas or Jordans?

Jordans by far...they look a lot better as sneakers and as dressy shoes as well

Which shoes are better supra or Jordans?

supras jordans

What shoes are better Jordan or Addias?

Jordans in my opinion.

Can I turn your jordans into bowling shoes?

They'd have to be resoled. You'd be better off buying a pair of bowling shoes.

What are basketball shoes called?

They are just called basketball shoes. If you have a pair of Air Jordans, they are often called "Jordans."

Which sell more Kobe shoes or Michael Jordans shoes?

Michael Jordan Shoes.

Is Adidas better than Jordans?

adidas are better than jordans

Who owns jordans shoes?


Worlds best shoes?


Which shoes are better air forces or Air Jordans?

well it depends. if you are like white, not being racist, dont get jordans, you'd look dumb. any other race i would suggest jordans to. *im not being racist, im just telling you my opion*

When Air Jordans basketball shoes first came out?

The original Air Jordans were released in 1985.

What is better Jordans or pumas?

Jordans .......waaaaaaaaaay better than pumas most definitely

Who invented Jordan shoes?

Who invited jordans

Who made Jordans shoes?

Micheal jordan

Are jordans considered gym shoes?


Where were air Jordans manufactured?

Air Jordans air manufacture in China. Air jordans are made many places. most jordans are made in china. alot of fakes ( fake jordans) are made in china. companies that usually unheard of are fake shoes from china. other shoes are made in new york and LA . ( stores, LA FLIGHTCLUB

Why are jordans made from china?

becasue most jordan shoes are made from china and some jordans that coem from china are fake and not real but that why jordans are made from china

Which shoes hurt the most Jordans or nikes?

It depends on your shoe size, and at times its the Jordans but that's just my opinion.

What brand of shoes does drake wear?

Air Jordans

Which came first Barkleys or Jordans shoes?


Was child labor made in jordans shoes?

of course

Should you trust amazon jordans shoes?


What is the purpose of jordans shoes?

so ppl can wear

How much does jordans shoes cost for kids?


What does sc stand for in jordans shoes?

Stephen Curry