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Q: What shirt number does Mikel wear for Chelsea?
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What number shirt did Peter Osgood wear in Chelsea?

Number 9

What shirt number does Frank Lampard wear for Chelsea?


Who was the last to wear shirt number 4 for Chelsea fc?

claude makelele

What number does dider drgba wear?

Dider Drogba plays for Chelsea and wears the number 11 on his shirt

What no does didier drogba wear?

Dider Drogba Wears The Number 11 Shirt For Chelsea Football Club

Who were the last 5 players to wear the number 9 shirt for Chelsea?

not a clue, except, flo,crespo??

When did george best wear a Chelsea shirt?

in a testimonial

Will eden hazard wear 11 shirt at Chelsea?

Nah mate itwill be 25 Zolas old number, personally would go for 69:)

What number shirt does arsnelas emmanuel adebayor wear?

Adebayor wear the number 25 shirt.

What number did John Obi Mikel wear in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

John Obi Mikel wore jersey number 10 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Which number does Micheal Essien wear in Chelsea?

Number 5.

What number shirt does arshavin wear?