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Q: What shirt number does Frank Lampard wear for Chelsea?
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Who wore no 8 Chelsea shirt in 2005?

Frank Lampard

What is Frank Lampard's favorite clothing?

blue jeans and a chelsea fc t shirt

What shirt number does Frank Lampard wear for the blues?


Number 10 shirt at Chelsea?

number 10 for chelsea is Juan Mata

Who wears the number 3 shirt at Chelsea?

Palo maldini wore it , but he has retired now.

Who wears number 7 for Chelsea?

At present nobody wears the No. 7 shirt for Chelsea (20, July 2010) Previous players were Andriy Shevchenko and Ricardo Quaresma

Who wears the number 22 shirt at Chelsea fc?

Eidur Gudjohnsen is number 22 for Chelsea FC

First football club to have number on shirt?


Who wears the number 12 shirt for Chelsea?