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number 5

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Q: What shirt no did rio Ferdinand wear for Manchester United?
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Which players wear the No. 11 shirt for Manchester United?

Ryan Giggs

Who wear shirt number 10 in Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney of England Currently wears the #10 shirt for ManU as of 2013.

What number shirt did Dwight yorke wear at man utd?

Dwight Yorke wore No. 19 when he was at Manchester United.

What number shirt does rio Ferdinand wear?


What color jerseys and socks do the players of Manchester United wear in 2012?

At home United wear a red shirt with a sort of background checkerboard pattern. The socks are black with a red bar around them.

What shirt did Dwight yorke wear at Manchester utd?


What number shirt does Vincent Kompany wear for Manchester City?


What number does silva wear for Manchester city?

David Silva currently wears the Number 21 shirt at Manchester City.

Does Paul Scholes wear t-shirt number 8 in Manchester Utd team?

The person who currently wears number 8 for Manchester United is Anderson.

What Famous Soccer Players Wear The Jersey Number 32?

Alex from Chelsea currently wears the number 33 shirt

What number will nick Powell wear for Manchester united?


Who wear number9 jersey for Manchester United?

this season Berbatov