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Great Eeastern Great Eeastern

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Q: What ship did the flag pole on liverpools kop come from on liverpools spion kop?
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What do flag tent magnet have in common?

They all have the word 'pole' in common... flag-pole - tent-pole - magnetic-pole.

Why are flag poll trucks called trucks?

I was informed that the top of a flag pole was called a truck. Now I learn that it is not a truck but a finial. The turck is the mechanism that connects the finial to the flag pole. IS this correct and where do these words come from.

What name is given to a pole on which a flag is usually hang?

a flag pole

What is a reasonable height for a flag pole?

The flag pole height should be in proportion to the flag. It's not the same in all countries. So if you have a big flag pole you must have a big flag. Think about it. A super high flag pole with a tiny flag. How stupid would that look.

How do you hang a flag?

With a flag pole

What does the north pole flag look like?

There isn't a flag for the North Pole.

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The ball on top of the flag pole is call the truck

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The average height of a flag pole is around 58.48089416'

What Does Mario Jump On When He Completes a Level?

Flag pole

What is the thing holding the flag?

flag pole

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There are old kind of flag pole that you have to bring down the cord the pull down so that you'll be able to put your flag on it. But as of today their is a telescopic flag poles that easily bring the top of flag pole and easily attached the flag on it.

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