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Q: What shape should your hand be when making a thumbs down catch in frisbee?
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What are facts about Frisbee?

dogs can catch a frisbee:)

How should your fingers look during a thumbs up catch?

in front of you

When a dog catches a frisbee is that considered a fixed action pattern?

Yes, when a dog catches a frisbee it can be considered a fixed action pattern. This behavior is instinctual and triggered by the sight of the frisbee in motion, causing the dog to exhibit a specific sequence of actions to catch it.

You are trying to teach your dog to catch a Frisbee but she wants to use her paws to catch it How do you get her to stop that?

maybe u should try 2 show him how by doing it yourself

What are games you can play at a cookout in September?

Frisbee, football, catch.

What can you do with a Frisbee?

you can throw it, play catch with it, be mean and throw it at ppl. ETC...

Can Great Danes catch a frisbee?

Yes, both my male and female great danes catch and fetch frisbees.

Are German Shepherds good frisbee companions?

They love frisbee... They have great agility and love to leap and catch flying disks... Their just great to play with.

What catch should a person use if the Frisbee is coming at or above the waist?

use a pancake, which is two hands slapping down on both sides of the disk. or , use both hands to catch the rim of the disk above your head

How is the Frisbee used today?

You throw it in the air it glides then you can catch it (with a friend). You can use it for your dog.

What were some drawbacks of the frisbee?

It can hit you in the face, it's sorta hard to catch one at first.

Where is it possible to purchase a frisbee?

A frisbee is a flat circular disc which can be used in a throwing and catching game. One can throw to another person, they try and catch and throw it back. It can also be thrown to a do, which will jump in the air to catch. Frisbees can be purchased from Amazon, for about å£3 upwards.