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Q: What setbacks did the Patriots face in the West?
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What set backs did the patriots face in the West?

They had not managed to win over many Native American allies.

What challenges did patriots face in the west?

they dug irrigation ditches from the river to their fields so they could bring water to their crops.

What problems did the patriots face in 1776?

no problem

What disadvantage did the patriots face?

they fought i think

What battles did patriots win in west?


How did the patriots fight the war in the west?

They madeout with them

Patriots win the Battle of Trenton?

the West

Where is putnam city west high school?

In West Oklahoma City GO PATRIOTS!

Did Giovanni da verrazano face any major setbacks or problems during any of his journeys?

being killed and eaten by canibals.

How did the Patriots fight the war in the West and in the South?

the patriots fought the west and south by using their geography skills in knowing what to do they beat the british. they knew geography better than the british did.

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Setbacks was created on 2011-01-11.

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