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The #1 seeds are 108-0 against #16 seeds in the NCAA tournament.

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2012-03-04 18:49:38
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Q: What seed in the ncaa tournament has never lost in the first round since the tournament went to 64 teams?
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When was the last time Princeton college won a basketball game in the NCAA tournament?

Princeton hasn't won a game in the NCAA tournament since 1998 when they beat UNLV in the first round, 69-57.

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How many times has a 11 seed upset a 6 seed in the tournament?

Since the start of the 64/65 team field, there have been a total of 96 first round matchups. Of these, an 11 seed has beat a 6th seed 30 times.

What team has the most first round ncaa basketball losses?

This question could be misleading since the "first round" now consists of the four "play-in"games that precede the 64-team bracket. Since most people still consider the first round to be the round of games afterthose play-ingames, I'm going to use that method as the basis for answering your question.Iona College has made 10 appearances in the NCAA men's basketball tournament and only won one game, a 1980 win that was vacated due to NCAA infractions. Thus, the school is credited with nine appearances and no victories.

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What state has sent the most different schools to the NCAA basketball tournament since the tournament started?


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Will marylands mens basketball team make 07-08 NCAA tournament?

This statement needs to be in the past tense since it is several years since the 07-08 NCAA tournament, although they did not make the tournament. The winner in 2008 was Kansas.

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