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Q: What sec team beat usc?
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What team did USC football beat 42-38 in 1990?

USC never beat a team 42-38 in 1990 The closest score to this question was USC beat UCLA 45-42 if that helps

What team did the Longhorns beat in the 2006 Rose Bowl?


How many sec teams have usc played?

USC under Pete Carroll is undefeated against the SEC. The scores of their recent games are listed below. It's also worth noting that their last game (a 50-14 win over Arkansas in Fayetteville) was against the team that went on to win their division in the SEC that year. 2002: #22 Auburn @ USC: USC 24, Auburn 17 2003: USC @ #5 Auburn: USC 23, Auburn 0 2005: Arkansas @ USC: USC 70, Arkansas 17 2006: USC @ Arkansas: USC 50, Arkansas 14

What is usc vs sec teams?

USC is 22-11-1 all-time versus the SEC.

Who was the first team with an African American player to beat Alabama?


Who was the last big ten team to beat USC?

Penn State in 1996

What team has beat Ohio State in Football two years in a row?


When was the last time notre dame football beat university of southern California football?

1984 when they beat usc to win 27 to 17 1984 when they beat usc to win 27 to 17 1984 when they beat usc to win 27 to 17 1984 when they beat usc to win 27 to 17 1984 when they beat usc to win 27 to 17

What is the record for USC vs the SEC?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, after the 2007 season USC's all time record against the SEC is 17-10-1.

Which college football team won the national championship in 2004?

USC dfeated Oklamhoma 55 - to 18. Auburn (SEC) should of went that year they were undefeated.

Why is USC so good?

I am a LSU fan and I know for a fact that USC will destroy us. I don't think any other team can beat USC. I hope we don't play them in the BCS championship games... it's a gaurantee lost for us....

Who won the Aloha Bowl in 1985?

Alabama Beat USC Alabama Beat USC 24 / 3 Alabama 24 USC 3

Which year did O J Simpson run in the Olympic relay?

He was part of a world record relay team (from USC), but he never actually made or ran in the Olympics. I believe that the '68 US Olympic relay team beat that USC record in Mexico.

Who will win the national championship 2008?

I'm guessing USC. Not that I think they are the best team, but they will probably finish the season undefeated or with just one loss. Not because they're good, but because they don't play anyone worth a darn. Half of the teams in the SEC will be "better" than the USC, but they will end up beating each other, and everyone will have at least 2 losses. I might have thought WVU would finally make it to the big game, but they are an unknown now with their new coach. Again, I don't think WVU is all that good, but like USC, they play in a weak conference. Oklahoma, I think, is the most likely team to face USC in the national championship game. But they can't win a BCS game to save their lives. But mark my words. If an SEC team (Florida, Georgia, and LSU, in that order, are the most likely) makes it to the national championship game, the SEC team will win it, no matter who they are playing against.

What sec team did Hawaii beat in 2003?

That was Alabama, 37-29, on November 29 in Honolulu.

Will your team beat the elite four?

i hope so wait a sec you should try your self!

What team did USC beat in the 2005 Orange Bowl to clinch an undisputed national championship?

Oklahoma University (OU) Sooners

What kind of jurisdiction does the US district court exercise?

For Subject Matter Jurisdiction, which is likely what you mean, then they can hear cases arising under 28 USC sec 1331 and 28 USC sec 1332

What is USC's football record against the SEC?


What team did USC beat in the 2004 Rose Bowl to clinch a co-national championship?

That was the University of Michigan by the score of 28-14.

Who is the last regular season undefeated SEC football team?

The Auburn Tigers were the last SEC team to go undefeated. They went 11-0 in the reg season on their way to defeating Tennessee in the SEC championship game, then Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl. Auburn was snubbed by the BCS and passed over to play in the National Title game in favor of USC and Oklahoma who both also had undefeated regular season.

How many national championships has usc won?

USC has won ZERO national championships in the school's entire history. The correct answer is 11. BTW you SEC fans how say Auburn would have beat USC when they played Oklahoma in 2005 in the Orange Bowl? That Virgina Tech team got beat the year before in DC basically a home game and Auburn lost twice to SC and lost 23-0 at Auburn with a FIRST TIME start for one Matt Leinart who completed his first pass for a touchdown on the first play and scored the game winning points on the first play. SEC is a great conference, the best no doubt, but the Pac 10/12 is right on your tail, and at the top, USC owns you all. With 11 titles and 7 Heisman Trophy winners. Alabama barely eclipsed the titles by one and just won their FIRST and only Heisman. Except for Alabama who has won more head to head, and Florida that beat and tied them and South Carolina who is 1-1 in two tries SC has owned the rest of the conference. Scoreboard: USC is 1710 all time versus the SEC. They're not playing Vanderbilt either, they're playing Alabama, Auburn, and LSU. The latest scores: 2006 USC won 50-14 AT Arkansas 2005 70-17 over Arkansas (That's right Arkansas. Has any other non SEC or any SEC team ever dropped 50 plus back to back on the Razorbacks or any team) I think not. BTW, that 70 could have easily been 100 plus, but SC called the dogs off, and Arkansas had their best players getting points when it didn't matter late in the 4th. That's right Houston Nutt, "No SEC team should ever be a 35 point underdog to no one!" That's right coach, it should have been double that after SC dropped 70 with the starters yawning on the bench the second half. 2003 USC won 23-0 AT Auburn. 2002 USC won 24-17 over Auburn at home. 1) Alabama: 2-5 2) Arkansas: 4-1 3) Auburn: 2-1 4) Florida: 0-1-1 5) Georgia: 3-0 6) LSU: 1-1 7) South Carolina: 1-1 8) Tennessee: 4-0 Through the 2007 season, USC has a 17-10-1 record against SEC teams

What year did the Florida gators win their first national champion and what team did they beat?

1996. They beat Alabama 45 to 30 in the SEC Championship and then beat Florida State 52 to 20 in the Sugar Bowl.

In what year did University of Texas Football team win it's last National Championship?

2005 but it doesn't count because they didn't beat an SEC team for the championship.

What is the overall record for USC Trojans vs the SEC?

22 -11-1