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Through the 2008 season, Ohio State has a 7-11-2 record against SEC teams. 1) Alabama defeated Ohio State in the 1978 Sugar Bowl, 1986 Kickoff Classic, and 1995 Florida Citrus Bowl.

2) Auburn defeated Ohio State in the 1990 Hall of Fame Bowl.

3) Florida defeated Ohio State in the 2006 season BCS Championship Game.

4) Georgia defeated Ohio State in the 1993 Florida Citrus Bowl.

5) LSU defeated Ohio State in the 2007 season BCS Championship Game.

6) South Carolina defeated Ohio State in the 2001 Outback Bowl and the 2002 Outback Bowl.

7) Tennessee defeated Ohio State in the 1996 Florida Citrus Bowl.

8) Vanderbilt defeated Ohio State in the 1931 regular season.

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Q: What sec football teams have beaten Ohio state?
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