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the North side of the stadium, the side with Gates A and B. best seats are 311 and 211 row 1 in each.

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Q: What seats are on the home side of Giants Stadium?
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What side is home at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium?

This famous ground is the home of the famous Real Madrid team. The Spanish giants.

What side of cardinals stadium is home side?

North side

What seats are on the home side of dean smith center?

Student seats

What is the shade side of giants stadium?

It depends on the time of day/ time of year.

What seats are the visitor side of aloha stadium?

The visiting team uses the makai sideline

Which is the home side at Phillies stadium?

third base side

What side is the home dugout at royals stadium?

The Royals' home dugout is on the first base side.

Which side of the stadium is the home team for 2011 BCS National Championship?

Short answer - Auburn is home team and is on the North/East side of the stadium. This is the OPPOSITE of the normal home sideline for Cardinal games.

What side of the stadium does the home team of a football game sit on?


What side is the visitors side at a baseball stadium?

It varies. There is no "official" dugout for visitors or home teams in baseball. It is decided by the team who calls the stadium home. In NCAA baseball playoffs, the visitors occupy the 3rd base dugout no matter where the game is played.

Where in the stadium do the Philadelphia Eagles enter Lincoln Financial field?

The right corner of the home side

What side is home at Aloha Stadium?

University of Hawaii's Warriors ''football team''

How many seats are their in the Liverpool philharmonic?

1647 seats in the Liverpool Philharmonic, including disabled seats and side seats.

Why is the New York Yankees dugout on the first base side of the field?

Because the first base side is usually the home team side. Since the Yanks are always the home team at Yankee stadium, that's where they put the dug out. :-)

What is the Name of the field for home games in Mexico?

if your talking about football/soccor the answer is the azteca stadium Mexico city. the azteca is the home of the Mexican national team and club America a Mexican league side. its the biggest stadium in latin America.

What side of the Dolphin Stadium is the sunny side?

The North Side

How do you fold the rear seats on a BMW325I?

IN the trunk there is a lever for each side of the split rear seats, disengage for each side.

What are club seats at a concert?

they are side seats. the level just above the floor.

Is section 153 in M and T stadium in the west?

No - Section 153 is on the lower sideline on the Visitors side, on the North Side of the stadium.

What side of Chicago is the White Sox stadium on?

The South side of Chicago.

Why did the coach go to the stadium?

To get to the other side?

Where is level 104 row 30 seat 9 at gillette stadium?

Section 104, row 30, seat 9 at Gillette Stadium is on the east side of the stadium (Patriots side), 4 rows from the top of the section.

How many rows are there in Giants stadium section 113?

If you are talking about the new Metlife Stadium then I can tell you that the Coaches Club section 113 has 26 rows. The sections on each side (112 & 114) have 25 rows. I actually walked up from the Coaches Club to check out the same question.

List the seats at a bullfight in order from least to greatest?

General admission, the furthest from the action, is the least expensive seating especially on the sunny side. Next are the seats in preferencia which again are cheaper on the sunny side. The most expensive are barrera seats right at ringside. And the most expensive of these are on the shady side.

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My 98 navigator has buttons on the knobs on the side of the seats.

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