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Lacrosse (in P&R teams) is usually played in the spring. That is the standard Lacrosse season. Some Travel teams play summer through fall, and in the winter there are sometimes indoor seasons

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Q: What season is lacrosse mostly played in?
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What season do people play lacrosse?

Lacrosse can be played in fall and winter in indoor lacrosse, but it is mostly played in the spring and summer in outdoor lacrosse.

What season lacrosse was played?

Indoor lacrosse is typically played during the winter at the high school and lower levels. outdoor lacrosse is played in the spring.

Where is lacrosse played in Canada the most?

Mostly in Ontario, And British Colombia.

Where lacrosse played?

lacrosse is played on a lacrosse field.

What countries is lacrosse most famous in?

Lacrosse is most popular in Canada than any other country. Indoor lacrosse is played mostly in Canada, because it is so cold.

In what months is lacrosse played?

Lacrosse is traditionally a spring sport, conflicting in colleges with the baseball season. Generally practices are begun in February and the season ends toward the beginning of May.

Where was lacrosse mostly played?

First by the Indians in Canada. Then Long Island, UpState NY and Maryland

Where is lacrosse usually played?

In terms of area it is played in lacrosse hubs such as Farfield County (CT), Long Island, New Jersey, and Maryland. Lacrosse is growing in areas such as Florida and California. Denver is a up and coming hot spot of lacrosse. In terms of where it is played during a game it is played mostly on turf fields and well kept grass fields.

When is lacrosse season start?

The college lacrosse season started a week of two ago. The highschool season has not yet started and will in about a month

Where can lacrosse be played?

Lacrosse is usually played on Grass of Turf.

When does lacrosse season start?


What season is gospel music mostly played?

Gospel music is mostly played around the christmas season because besides parang gospel revolves around God

What season is girls lacrosse in?

Fall and spring

What season does mens lacrosse play?


When does youth lacrosse season start?

In the spring.

How many games a season does lacrosse have?


When is lacrosse season for high school?


When does university lacrosse season start?

in the spring

Where do you play lacrosse?

Lacrosse is mostly played in the eastern area of the U.S but lacrosse will branch out and become a bigger sport in a few years.You play it on a field split in to 4 quarter's you will either play home and away just like football

When was lacrosse first played as a sport?

were do lacrosse the sport come from ? were do lacrosse the sport come from ?

Did Canadians really lacrosse?

yes the Canadians played lacrosse.

When is tennis season?

Tennis season is mostly in late April and May, but it is played all year 'round.

When does lacrosse season end?

The NCAA mens lacrosse season usually ends memorial day weekend, with a big tournament to seal it off. Womens lacrosse goes another 2 weeks and has their tournament.

The two major skills in lacrosse?

In lacrosse you dont need much of stick skill, but mostly endurance and strength.

What sports did Iroquois played?

they played lacrosse