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no team has ever gone undefeated

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Q: What season did the phoenix suns go undeafeted?
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What season did the patiots go undeafeted?

the patriots went undeafeted in 07 but lost to the giants in super bowl xlii

Will the packers go undeafeted?

Yes no maybe so?

Do you think Steve Nash will be traded this Season and leave the Phoenix Suns?

HELL NO! The Suns are nothing without Nash and Nash wants to play with his own team and rather build a good own team than win a ring with someone elses team. Nash really knows what sports are about! GO NASH! GO PHX!

Did dereck whittenburg go the NBA?

Yes, he went to the Phoenix Suns 51st overall in the 1983 NBA Draft.

When did Shaquille O'Neal go to the Suns?

Shaquille O'Neal, often simply called Shaq, is an American basketball player. He switched to the Phoenix Suns in 2008, and stayed with them until 2009.

What was the phoenix suns mascott before the gorilla?

For their first 11 seasons the Suns had no mascot. After that they attempted to make a sunflower their mascott, but it did not go over well. After that they adopted the gorilla mascot.

Did Henry dalrymple go to the NBA?

No. He was drafted by the Phoenix Suns and was cut by the team. He never played in an NBA game. He then went to play in the CBA.

What basketball game does Lisa darryl Patrice and prince Akeem go to in the movie coming to America?

Phoenix Suns at New York Knicks in January 5, 1988

Who did the Phoenix Suns beat in 1993 to go to the semi-finals in the NBA championship?

The Phoenix Suns beat the Los Angeles Lakers in a best of 5 series in the first round of the 1993 NBA playoffs 3-2. The faced the San Antonio Spurs on the 2nd round and advance to play up against the Seattle Super Sonics in the Western Conference finals. Chicago Bulls won the NBA finals though with 4 wins to 2 on a best of 7 series.

Who was the first NFL team to go undeafeted?

BULLDOGS Not correct. It was the 1920 Akron Pros, who went 8-0-3 and were crowned the first NFL champions.

What nicknames does Katherine Phoenix go by?

Katherine Phoenix goes by Phoenix.

Who was first undeafeted NFL team?

The 1972 Miami Dolphins went 14-0 in the regular season, and then went on to win the Super Bowl The above answer is incorrect. The correct answer is the 1920 Akron Pros, who went 8-0-3 and were crowned as the NFL's first champions. The '72 Dolphins were the first team to have a *perfect* season, but not the first to go undefeated.