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the patriots went undeafeted in 07 but lost to the giants in Super Bowl xlii

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Q: What season did the patiots go undeafeted?
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What season did the phoenix suns go undeafeted?

no team has ever gone undefeated

Will the packers go undeafeted?

Yes no maybe so?

What WWE superstar went the longest undeafeted since they first appeared?

tatanka with his 2 year undeafeted streak.

Is brock lesner undeafeted in WWE?


Where did patiots win their first super bowl?

The New England Patriots won their first Super Bowl in the 2001 season. They played the Saint Louis Rams in New Orleans.

Who was the first NFL team to go undeafeted?

BULLDOGS Not correct. It was the 1920 Akron Pros, who went 8-0-3 and were crowned the first NFL champions.

Who Won Patiots or British?

Patriots. That's why this is called the United States.

Who was first undeafeted NFL team?

The 1972 Miami Dolphins went 14-0 in the regular season, and then went on to win the Super Bowl The above answer is incorrect. The correct answer is the 1920 Akron Pros, who went 8-0-3 and were crowned as the NFL's first champions. The '72 Dolphins were the first team to have a *perfect* season, but not the first to go undefeated.

Ow old is Tom Brady of the New England patiots?

He is currently 32

Who is the first team to be undeafeted and win the super bowl?

In 1972, the Dolphins team completed the NFL's first and only perfect season culminating in a Super Bowl win, winning all 14 of its regular-season games, both of its NFL playoff games, and also Super Bowl VII.

When did the Chicago Bears have an undeafeted season?

They didn't. Only 2 teams in NFL history have gone undefeated through the regular season. The 2007 New England Patriots. Who went 18-1 after losing in the Super Bowl vs the New York Giants. And the 1972 Miami Dolphins went 17-0 including winning the Super Bowl. The regular season was only 14 games at the time.

Most valuble NFL team?

Dallas Cowboys, followed by the New England Patiots and Washington Redskins