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Q: What season did Tim howard play for man utd?
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Americans who have won the FA cup?

One - Tim Howard, with Man Utd in 2004.

Who has played for both man utd and everton?

Tim Howard (USA) Marouane Fellaini (Belgium) Wayne Rooney (England)

Who was the first American to win an English F A cup winners medal?

Tim howard man utd v millwall

Players who have played for man utd and everton?

Louis Saha, Tim Howard and Andrei Kanchelskis are all I know of. There may be more.

Who won the Man of the Match award in the United States vs. Portugal group stage match in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Tim Howard (United States) was designated the Man of the Match.

Who has played for everton and man utd?

Louis Saha Wayne Rooney Norman Whiteside Phil Neville Andrei Kanchelskis Tim Howard Louis Saha

Who is the only player to play in goal for man united and play upfront for Newcastle in same season?

Andy cole

How many former man utd players are now playing in the premier league for other clubs?

They are Phil Neville, Tim Howard, Luis Saha , Nicky Butt.

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